Bespoke Internal Glazing for One Crown Place

Discover the process behind the specialist glazing systems in these luxury high-rise apartments. One Crown Place is home to 246 high-end apartments, described as ‘quietly luxurious’, as well as a [...]

Glass Roofs & Atria for Commercial Buildings

See how this popular trend can be used in commercial settings, utilising glass roof systems to create innovative designs. Glass roofs are a popular choice in commercial settings, often utilised [...]

Resimercial Design for Modern Office Spaces

Bring home to the office with the resimerical design trend Resimercial design has fast become the latest rising office design trend since the start of the pandemic in 2020. The name, coined from [...]

Incorporating Apricity in Hospitality Architecture

What are the benefits of apricity and how can you incorporate this emerging trend? The definition of apricity is the warmth of the sun in winter, it refers to the feeling of the sun on your skin [...]

Glazing for Swimming Pools

How to incorporate minimal glass installations in luxury pool environments When glazing is specified in or around a swimming pool area, it is subjected to harsh conditions due to the chemicals [...]

Biophilic Architectural Design

How to incorporate biophilia in your architectural design Biophilic design started as an interior design trend, with its importance only becoming recognised within exterior and architectural [...]

Aluminium Systems for Modern Architectural Designs

How to push the boundaries with aluminium systems for innovative architectural designs There is a multitude of ways to create a unique building design, this is particularly important in [...]

How Will Office Design Change Post Covid-19

Architects and designers all over the UK are currently looking at the design of the workplace; how can this essential environment be adapted to cope in a post-COVID world? It is likely that [...]

Wintergardens for Amenity Space on Large Residential Developments

How IQ Approaches the Concept of a Wintergarden     Large, multi-unit residential development buildings are currently underway in almost every major city in the UK. These large [...]

Hurricane Resistant Glass and Glazing Systems for Luxury High Rise Developments

Sliding Glass Doors for Luxury High Rise Residential Developments Wind Loading requirements for architectural glazing are calculated per architectural design, based on the wind speeds within [...]

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