What are the main uses of Heated Glass?

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Heated Glass in Commercial Buildings

Heated Glass can be used as an invisible heating source for any space for a smooth radiant heat resulting in a comfortable temperature within the living space. Providing a heat source is not the only use for heated glass, it can also be used in spa and swimming pool areas to stop condensation from forming or to create a warm surface to the glass which stops snow and ice build up.

Heated Glass in a swimming pool

These specialist glazed units can be single, double and even triple glazed and installed as frameless structural glass installations or into a framework. Heated glass isn’t only for use in fixed glazing, it’s also suitable for use within the minimal windows® sliding door system.

Heated Glass was installed to the Marquis of Cornwallis within slim framed sliding glass doors at the front of the building leading into the restaurant from the patio area. These heated glass doors create an ambient temperature within the restaurant when the doors are closed and also help to reduce the cold draught when the doors are slid open. To create the perfect temperature for the space, the temperature can be set and controlled through a thermostat.

A heated glass system has a transparent metal oxide coating is applied to the glass unit. When the buzz bars at the head and base of the frame have electricity passed through them (when the system is switched on) the electricity then passes through the semi-conductive coating which generates a radiant heat source.

At the Southend Civic Centre, IQ Projects played a key role in designing and installing a specialist glass structure to become the new cafeteria space at the Civic Centre. The new cafeteria was built in the courtyard of the existing building using a steel frame for structural support. Between the steel framing specialist heated glass walls were installed alongside a structural glass roof. These large glass walls not only flood the dining area with natural light, but they also provide warmth to the new space.

Heated glass is ideal for Snow pods as the customers/guests within the pods are provided with clear views of the surrounding snowy landscape without any snow build up on the glass. The warm surface of the glass helps to reduce the amount of snow and ice build up which is highly efficient at a surface temperature of +2° Celsius.

heated glass igloo hotel

For more information about how heated glass can be used in commercial buildings speak to a member of the team on 01494 722 880.

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