Oversized engineered structural glass 

Rhodes House Structural Glazed Pavilion

Oversized glass panels 

Oversized engineered structural glass garden pavilion 


Q Projects worked with Architects, Stanton Williams to engineer and execute the addition of an oversized structural glass pavilion to The Rhodes Trust University of Oxford to serve as a 360 structural glass garden pavilion for Scholars and public to meet and exchange ideas whilst enjoying uninterrupted views out to the mature gardens. 

The new modern structural glass garden pavilion would pose installation challenges to the Grade II listed historic site with oversized 5m tall structural glass units requiring special crane lifting equipment which would not compromise the protected trees on the mature grounds. 

Aside from the logistical challenge, the full perimeter of structural glass forms an intrinsic structural and stabilising support to the curved timber roof of the world class glazed pavilion. 

The engineered structural glass to the sweeping wooden roof uses strengthening laminated SGP (SentryGlas Plus) interlayers designed to further strengthen the structural glass. 

All the oversized glass panels are low iron with solar control coatings to comply with the rigid performance regulations of the entire pavilion structure. 

Once the full perimeter of oversized structural glass was installed, the IQ Projects team installed made-to-measure bespoke secondary steel works, brackets and connections to further support the 13 tonnes of glass.   

The internal trims and pressings were custom made in a bronze finish to reflect the stature of Rhodes House heritage. 

An Automated bi parting entrance door system with two moving panes and two fixed frames boasts a modest frame profile with a bronze finish creating a cohesive design linking the modern to the traditional. 

This state-of-the-art structural reflective glass pavilion reflects the magnificent gardens of Oxford University provides a tranquil convening space for Scholars and the public offering sound acoustics thanks to the curved timber roof and double glazed oversized structural glass panels.  


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Architects: Stanton Williams

Oversized structural glass to Garden Pavilion

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