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Youth and Leisure Centre


Leisure & Hospitality 

Youth and Leisure Centre


n the heart of Amsterdam you will find this dynamic space, a large deep set building with windows on just two sides.

Due to the windows being sparse and positioned lower than road level, it was imperative for any partitions and internal divides to allow natural light to flow through them.

As a youth and leisure centre, the space was bold and brightly coloured, reflective of the inclusive environment it presents. Due to the complex building structure, a central corridor with rooms either side would not have been suitable for this project.

Instead, a broken plan layout was created using slim framed steel frames and applied glazing bars. The advantage of using MHB systems is the adaptable nature of the frames, allowing for specialist installations and bespoke shapes to be created.

Using glass and minimal framework allowed both floors to be made up of private and open spaces, all whilst being able to see clearly across the entire floor. This layout meant the young people could wander around the space freely whilst the staff have unobstructed vision to supervise.

The bright orange walls create a dynamic contrast with the dark steel frames, reflecting the playful personality of the centre. The glazing bars have been applied to the screens and doors in an asymmetrical design, with each section being slightly different from the last.

Due to the slim sightlines, natural light is able to flow through each space and bounce through the building, made possible by the use of sharp edged frames. The layout of each door and screen was carefully considered to ensure they were put in favourable positions with the window locations.

The doors are cleverly concealed within the screen design, appearing only slightly different from the frames due to their integrated locking systems. The internal placement of these products meant they did not require a thermal break, however, due to the nature of the environment, fire rated glazing was essential.

The SL30 system from MHB were installed with fire-resistant glazing to further ensure the safety of the young people and visitors to the centre. Creating a serene, fun environment was imperative to the success of this commercial space.

PRODUCTS: Door Systems, Fire Rated Glazing, Internal Glazing
TYPE: Leisure
LOCATION: Amsterdam 

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