Architectural Glazing Packages


Atria and Entrances


he entrance to any building becomes a focal point for any architectural design and here at IQ we have a wealth of experience in specialist glazing to entrance areas

Glass Entrance atria
Frameless Structural Glazing


Boxes and Extensions


here are various design options available to you when considering a glass box installation on your project.

Minimalist structural glass boxes with glass beams and fins, or glass boxes with steel supports fitted with different door options, are regularly created by IQ.


Glass Facades


ith completed glass façade projects all over the UK, we are the unparalleled leaders in bespoke glass façade design.

Our vast collections of completed projects have included glass facades that feature curved glass, screen printed glass, shaped glazing, heated and privacy glazing.

All our structural glass projects are delivered and installed to tight programs and in some of the most challenging site locations in the world.

Curved Glass Facade
Slip Resistant Structural Glass Floor


Glass Floors


alk on glass structures have the fantastic ability to allow natural light to filter between multiple floors.

These can be extremely useful in buildings or structures with limited window space or access to natural light.

As a member of structural glazing, a walk on glass floor will be designed as a bespoke glazing item by the team at IQ.

 Our experience in the creation of walk on glass structures includes glass floors, glass bridges and glass balconies.


Roof Glazing


has a broad portfolio of glazed roof solutions for all applications.

Recent project briefs have included courtyard infills to listed buildings, atria roofs, opening glass roofs, walk on roofs and shaped large rooflights.

Structurally glazed roofs can be supported in many ways to ensure your design intent is kept intact.

Structural Glass Roof
Fire Rated Structural Glass Facades


Fire Rated Glazing


ire-safe and fire resistance glazing are integral parts of large building designs.

The use of fire-rated glass is essential in some areas of a building to not only protect the occupants in the event of a fire emergency but also to help protect the building itself.


Frameless Effect Fire Rated Doors


he frameless effect fire rated range from IQ Projects is designed to meet rigorous safety standards while providing a minimal, contemporary design. The frameless aesthetic ensures that natural light can flow uninterrupted throughout large commercial spaces, making the range a great option for internal and external fire doors alike.

Modern hotel reception with frameless fire rated doors
Modern industrial style steel glazed cubes installed to London market renovation


Fire Rated Steel Doors



he steel door range can be configured with a range of opening types, including single or double opening doors.

Sets of doors can also be integrated within a large fire-rated glass façade or with fixed sidelights and overhead glazing. This flexibility allows for the creation of minimal, light-filled commercial spaces.

The fire-rated steel frames can be coupled with fire-rated glass to produce a fire rating of EI30, E160 or EI90, depending on the required amount of time that fire protection should be ensured.


Technical Glass Solutions


hen you are using large elements of glass the technology behind the glazing is important.

We offer a whole catalogue of technical glass solutions to increase the performance of your glazing or address a specific design issue.

minimal windows interior of swimming pool
minimal windows sliding glass doors


Door Systems



Projects utilise a wide selection of door systems within our glazing projects in order to achieve our client’s exacting design requirements.

Our range includes aluminium casement door systems, steel framed doors, slim framed sliding door solutions, bespoke glass doors and a whole host of exclusive systems, only available to IQ in the UK.


Window Systems


rom steel framed windows to aluminium windows to timber windows or frameless windows; IQ can include almost any window type and design into your architectural glazing design to complete the package.


We manufacture and process our own glazing products to ensure quality and lead times. Find out about our manufacturing capabilities here…