Canopy and Louvre Roof Systems


Louvre Roof Systems


offer louvre roof systems, manufactured from the highest quality aluminium, to offer shelter and solar shading to the spaces below. The luxury systems are adaptable by nature, with the ability to fit in with existing building structures as well as acting as standalone systems.

Perfect for outdoor seating areas in the hospitality sector, the advanced systems have advantages for both summer and winter months, making them an investment for year round use. When closed the louvres sit completely flat, the system is watertight and has been tested to withstand rainfall intensities of 144mm/min.

The aluminium louvres have a rotation range of 120 degrees, allowing you to control how much solar gain the area receives for added functionality. This means that during the summer months, the system can be adjusted depending on the position of the sun and the diner’s preferences.


Glass Canopies


lass canopies can be constructed using structural glazing. These bespoke systems are perfect for offering shade and shelter from the elements in commercial settings and are often used to create extravagant entrance designs.

Due to the nature of structural glass, there are little restrictions on size or shape and unique installations are easily achieved. Using glass as a shelter allows the maximum amount of natural light to pass through the glazing, creating brightly lit spaces without the risk of rain.

Glass canopies are extremely minimal, offering crisp, clear designs that allow the glass to be the main design feature. You can choose from a range of fixing options, depending on the design requirements of the project, to suit both modern and traditional designs.

Our range of Louvre roofs and glass canopies can be matched with our architectural window and doors solutions. Find out more here…