Faceted Screens


Glass Facades


lass facades feature in many modern architectural design projects and can elevate developments, bringing them into the modern age. Facated Screens are a subcategory of glass facades that are designed to be very angular and rigid. 

Faceted Screens follow the arising trend of using unusual shapes such as polygons in architecture to provide an ultra-modern, futuristic feel. IQ can design and install bespoke faceted screens to complete a fully bespoke facade that can be almost any size, shape and configuration. 


Structural Glazing 


aceted screens can be specified to nearly any shape and size. These structural glazing systems allow for a wide variety of finishing and pressing options to ensure that the facade follows the design and theme of the whole project.

These facades are often used as glass entrances in an attempt to draw potential visitors into the building. 

At IQ we have several systems that all provide different facade finishes. For example our in-house developed Invisio facade system features a thermally broken frame which allows for your bespoke faceted screen to provide exceptional thermal values. 

faceted screens

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