Fire Rated Glass Atria


Fire Rated Glass Atria


tria are a key design feature for luxury commercial builds. As the first thing a visitor experiences when they step through the entrance door, atria design plays an important role in setting the tone and character of the whole building. Atria are usually several storeys high and characterised by a glazed roof and large windows, providing a sense of light and space while carrying important design and safety implications to consider.

Fire control is a vital aspect to plan for when designing an atrium. The extensive space means that a fire could easily reach the upper stories, therefore spreading far quicker through the building. Using fire rated glazing for the facades and windows of the atrium solves this issue, by containing the spread of a fire for a certain amount of time, allowing the building’s occupants to escape safely.


Modern Fire Rated Glass Facades


ire rated structural glass can be configured to create extensive glazed facades and roof designs. Frameless structural glass panels of up to 3.8m tall can be joined together with minimal silicone seals, to create modern glazed atria and roofs.

For larger elevations, slim steel profiles are used to support the glazed units. The minimal steel frames have full fire certification and can be designed with a range of finishes, including uncoated steel or powder coated in any RAL colour.

Our range of fire rated glass doors can also be integrated within the façade design, to create atria with impressive, fully glazed entrance doors, glass lifts, and seamless connections between the atrium and other parts of the building. In this way, entire modern commercial structures can be designed with the occupants’ safety at the core.  


Glazing Specification


he fire rated glass is constructed using two key components. Layers of toughened glass are combined with layers of intumescent gel, which expand to provide an impenetrable barrier against flames and smoke (integrity only) for 30, 60 or 90 minutes. Optional insulation can also be incorporated into the design, meaning that the glass also prevents the spread of heat in additional to gases and flames.

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