Fire Rated Glass Ceilings


Fire Rated Glass Ceilings


he frameless fire rated structural glazing system from IQ can be used to create a range of highly bespoke designs, including frameless glass ceilings. Glazed roofs are the pinnacle of luxury in large commercial projects, ensuring that the space below is flooded with light throughout the day. Advances in fire rated technology means that large structural glass roofs can be created, while still complying with essential fire protection regulations.


Bespoke Sizes and Designs


he fire rated glazing can be used to achieve a glass roof design in a range of sizes and shapes. For very large glazed ceilings, fire-rated steel supports may also be integrated into the design. Unique shapes can give a project a creative feel, with options such as circles and curved edges for a bespoke glass ceiling design.


Fire Rated Glass Floors


alk-on glazing can also be specified where glass ceilings are used in between multiple floors within a commercial building. Specifying fire rated glass for these walk-on glass floors is particularly important as it prevents the spread of fire upwards through the building, while maximising light transmission throughout each space.

Walk-on fire rated glazing is a highly specialised product, combining multiple layers of toughened glass to ensure the unit is able to withstand high levels of foot traffic, while providing a fire rating of up to 60/60 integrity and insulation.

The fire rated structural glazing system can be used to create large fire-rated floors and ceilings that carry full fire-rated certification to EN 13501-2.


Glazing Specification


ach pane of frameless fire rated glass is made up of multiple layers of toughened glazing, to ensure the system easily exceeds the required load-bearing and integrity standards for a glass ceiling design. If the glass were to break, the inner pane will be held in place to ensure the safety of the building’s occupants below.

The desired fire rating is then achieved by incorporating several transparent intumescent interlayers within each glass unit. The gel layer expands in response to the heat of a fire to provide a protective seal that prevents the flames and smoke from spreading.

Various additional technical glazing solutions can be integrated into the design to alter the aesthetic of the glass ceiling. Sandblasted glass ensures light can still pass through the glazing, while impeding vision for added privacy and adding an anti-slip finish. Decorative interlayers can also be specified to inject bright colours and unique patterns into the commercial building design.

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