Fire Rated Glass Partitions


Fire Rated Glass Partitions


Projects offer a highly bespoke range of fire rated glazing, allowing for enormous flexibility and design options. Fixed fire rated glass partitions can be used to create large, glazed elevations as part of a light-filled commercial space, while complying with essential fire protection regulations.

The fire rated screens from IQ are available in frameless effect or steel framed designs. This allows projects to opt for a traditional, industrial-style aesthetic, or create a modern and minimal look. Irrespective of the final design choice, integrating glazed partitions into a commercial project ensures that even large spaces are flooded with natural light throughout the day, maximising the wellbeing and productivity of employees and customers alike.


Bespoke configurations


ultiple fire-rated structural glass panels can be fixed together for near limitless design options. The screening system can be used to create glass walls between rooms, as well as including integrated glass fire doors for a large glazed opening option.

Frameless glass facades can be created using minimal silicone seals to join each glazed unit together, while the outer fixings are concealed within the building’s finishes for a neat finish. Alternately, artisan steel framing can be used to create an elegant division between rooms, with the added option of art-deco steel glazing bars in a fully bespoke design.


Glazing specification


ach glass panel is constructed using multiple layers of toughened glazing with a transparent intumescent interlayer in between. The intumescent gel reacts in response to high levels of heat to provide a protective barrier against the fire.

Increasing the number of layers will increase the overall level of fire resistance. Depending on the project requirements, the glass partitions can be specified to offer between 30-90 minutes of integrity (protection from flames and smoke) and insulation (barrier against the heat).


Pre-tested Sizes


arge glass walls and partitions can be created with the fire rated system. Each design must be configured in accordance with a series of pre-determined sizes, in order for IQ to provide fire certification for the project design.

For frameless effect designs, this results in an impressive maximum pre-tested height of 3m for a 30/30 rated glass pane and 3.8m for a 60/60 glass unit. For steel framed partitions, facades as tall as 5m can be created, with no limit on the width created by combining units together. This allows for the creation of an extensive glass facade running the length of the building.

IQ have developed years of experience and specialist knowledge from working on a variety of challenging and inspiring commercial projects across the UK and further afield. Get in touch with the team for more information on the range of bespoke glazing options and designs available.

Our range of fire-rated glazing can be specified as part of a package with our architectural window and doors solutions. Find out more here…