Fire Rated Steel Doors


Fire Rated Steel Doors


ntegrating fire-rated doors is a key safety aspect of any commercial building, providing protection to escape routes and key access points. The range of steel framed fire rated doors from IQ are designed to ensure these safety standards are met, while offering flexible and bespoke designs to suit a range of project requirements.  

The steel door range can be configured with a range of opening types, including single or double opening doors. Sets of doors can also be integrated within a large fire-rated glass façade or with fixed sidelights and overhead glazing. This flexibility allows for the creation of minimal, light-filled commercial spaces.


Steel Frame Details


he steel fire rated doors can be specified with thermally broken frames when used as an external exit door, or non-thermally broken for internal fire doors. The frame head can also be further customised to create different arched door designs.

Steel glazing bars can be incorporated into the design as applied or true bars for a traditional aesthetic. Frame finishes are available in a range of options, including powder coatings in a wide range of RAL colours, as well as galvanised or raw steel finishes. 

A range of handle designs are available to fit the required aesthetic of the project. These include standard lever-style handles, in addition to push bars and pull handles. Handles can be specified to comply with Emergency function B and E, in addition to their Standard operation.

We can also offer solutions for unlatched steel framed fire rated doors.


Glazing Specification


he fire-rated steel frames can be coupled with fire rated glass to produce a fire rating of EI30, E160 or EI90, depending on the required amount of time that fire protection should be ensured for.

Fire rated glass is made up of a transparent intumescent interlayer, sandwiched between a minimum of two toughened glass panes. When exposed to the heat of a fire, the gel interlayer expands and creates an effective barrier against the radiant heat source.

The steel fire doors from IQ are available in single or double-glazed specification. If additional technical glass options are required, speak to the team to discuss the bespoke options available.

Our range of fire-rated glazing can be specified as part of a package with our architectural window and doors solutions. Find out more here…