Frameless Fire Rated Doors

Frameless fire rated door


Frameless Fire Rated Doors


he frameless fire rated range from IQ Projects is designed to meet rigorous safety standards while providing a minimal, contemporary design. The concealed outer frames create a frameless aesthetic that ensures natural light can flow uninterrupted throughout large commercial spaces, making the range a great option for internal and external fire doors alike.

The fire-rated doors have a number of possible configurations to suit the needs of any project, including single or double doors, as well as openings integrated within larger fire-rated glass façades. This flexibility allows for the creation of minimal, light-filled commercial spaces.


Minimal Detailing


fire rated door range follows a frameless design with minimal framing. The only visible profile on each door is a narrow back-painted band, used to create a neat external finish over the edge of the intumescent seal. 

The doors are then fixed into the structural opening using minimal graphite strips that allow the door to be integrated within standard walls or glass facades without having to use an obtrusive outer frame.

Frameless effect doors can be further customised depending on the preferred aesthetic, including adding an additional slim black edge to each door unit for a steel-look finish. This is a great option for when an industrial-style look is desired, without the larger frame size resulting from using a true steel frame.

Bespoke glazing bar designs can also be specified by applying a specialist ceramic frit to the surface of the glass. This creates the same art-deco effect without impacting the fire rating or thermal performance of the system.


Handle Options


here are a range of handles on offer which are structurally bonded to the glass for neat finish that does not impact the glazed unit. Get in touch to discuss other bespoke handle options, if required.

The pivoting action of the doors is controlled via a minimal floor pivot box. This can be specified with an electro-magnetic hold-open function if preferred.

IQ provide specialist, bespoke glazing solutions for commercial projects. For specific technical glass options or glass sizes and shapes that push the boundaries, speak to the team for advice on how we can tailor a solution to suit your project.


Glazing Specification 


he fire rated glass used can be specified to comply with a fire rating of 30/30 or 60/60, depending on the required amount of time that fire protection should be guaranteed for. Single or double glazed units can be chosen to meet thermal values for internal or external doors.

Each glass panel is made up of several toughened glass panes with transparent intumescent interlayers. These interlayers expand and become opaque in response to heat, creating a fire-resistant barrier.

Our range of fire-rated glazing can be specified as part of a package with our architectural window and doors solutions. Find out more here…