Timber Fire Rated Screens


Timber Fire Rated Screens


imber fire rated screens offer a sustainable option for fire rated systems within commercial projects. Many projects may require a more passive aesthetic opposed to the industrial look of steel fire rated systems. Timber offers a natural fire rating and can be manipulated to extend said fire rating through methods such as charring.

Fire rated timber screens can be paired with various other timber systems such as casement doors, windows and sliding doors to create a full timber glazing package. 


Bespoke Timber Systems


any projects feature steel or aluminium fire rated screens to provide partitions between meeting rooms, hallways and other spaces. With timber fire rated screens, a huge variety of timber can be specified to provide various finish effects such as Oak or Accoya. While the aluminium systems can be powder coated to any RAL colour, the natural finish of timber can be more desirable for certain projects.

These timber screens can be specified in our “AluClad” system which allows for timber on the interior of the frame, and aluminium on the outside. This can be perfect for creating different feelings throughout commercial spaces by combining the more “harsh” aluminium and “soft” timber.


Woods Natural Fire Rating


ood can shield the substrate by forming an outer layer when it burns. This layer, which goes by the name “char,” lowers the oxygen supply and, because of its incredibly poor conductivity, keeps the inner layers from heating up. As a result, the burning of the wooden elements’ core occurs more slowly—on average, 1 mm/min. This feature allows a structural timber piece to withstand fire for a considerable amount of time—generally far longer than steel or even concrete of the same size.

Our range of fire-rated glazing can be specified as part of a package with our architectural window and doors solutions. Find out more here…