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Structural Glass Roof


Extension Designs


here are various design options available to you when considering a modern commercial glass extension or installation on your project. Minimalist structural glass boxes with glass beams and fins, or glass boxes with steel supports fitted with different door options, are regularly created by IQ®.

We have become the first call for any architect, developer or contractor looking at glass extension packages of this type especially when they wish to push the boundaries of glazing design to create a truly unique environment.

Glass boxes can be used for a myriad of different applications and uses. As space for development becomes more scarce in the major UK cities there has been a great increase in projects featuring rooftop glass boxes and glass extensions.


Rooftop Extensions


hether it is an entertaining suite, additional office space, restaurant or special use areas, if you’re looking to make use of what are generally fantastic views from the top of a building a frameless glass design for the rooftop extension will make the most of these views as well as offering amazing spaces flooded with light.

Glass boxes can also be used as stand-alone buildings, entrance rooms to offices, entrances to basement spaces (think Apple Store in New York!) as well as general extensions to buildings.

With the expertise available from IQ we are able to offer a consultancy service to help you create a bespoke glass box or bespoke glass extension whatever the final use may be.

glass processing

We can offer pre-contract advice and guidance for your glass box design. Get in touch to find out more.