Floors and Bridges

walk on glass floors


Walk on Glass


alk on glass structures have the fantastic ability to allow natural light to filter between multiple floors.

Structural glass floor systems can be extremely useful in buildings or structures with limited window space or access to natural light.

As a member of structural glazing, a walk on glass floor will be designed as a bespoke glazing item by the team at IQ.

Our experience in the creation of walk on glass structures includes glass floors, glass bridges and glass balconies.

In the case of glass balconies and bridges, we can also design frameless glass balustrades as part of the walk on glass structure to create a seamless, all-glass design.


Design and Engineering


ll of our structural glass walk on constructions are available with slip-resistant finishes in a range of designs and performances. These slip-resistant finishes include ceramic fritted patterns, sandblasted finishes and specialist textures glasses.

If required our horizontal glazing elements can be supplied in a fire rated format using our specialist knowledge of fire rated glass design.

These high specification glass floors utilise the latest advances in fire rated glass technology and hidden fire rated glass fixing solutions for a frameless design.

Does your glass floor need to take a drive on load? Not a problem. We have experience in creating extremely complex structural glass floors for some of the most demanding projects in the world.

met quarter glass floor

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