Internal Glass Partition Doors


Internal Glass Partition Doors


hen internal division is required, but an open plan, light-filled space is what you desire, internal glass partition doors could be the perfect solution. These internal doors allow for a completely frameless finish with just the steel fittings on show. This creates an ideal uninterrupted transition between internal spaces while remaining fit for purpose and easily maintained. 

Internal glass partition doors are fully bespoke, allowing for you to have full design freedom when specifying your frameless system. The doors can be manufactured in a wide variety of configurations, including the classic hinged door, smooth opening pivot door or sliding doors. Due to the minimal fittings required, internal glass partition doors can be integrated into a large structural glass facade allowing for easy access and minimal viewing interruption. 

internal glass partition doors
internal glass partition doors


Steel Framed Internal Partition Doors


odern commercial developments are increasingly utilising industrial style glazing to great effect. The dark steel frames stand out strikingly against the light walls and flooring when used as part of a simple, light colour scheme.

With a variety of hinge options, our internal steel doors can be ordered as single or double doors with pivoting or sliding door configurations. The steel doors can also be installed within or between glass partitions with little or no framing. Steel is a great option because of its high durability, corrosion resistance, and energy efficiency, which helps preserve the building’s heated and cooled environments.

All of our steelwork is manually crafted to produce unique frames that are precisely matched to the project requirements. The glass door is surrounded by a razor-thin steel frame, creating a clean and refined look. Specialised metalworkers precisely solder each seam and joint, giving each piece of glazing a distinct personality and handcrafted feel.

In order to create an appealing crisscross design that adheres to the strict requirements and aesthetic demanded for any project, additional steel transom bars can be adhered in any number of custom configurations.


Fire Rated Internal Glass Partition Doors


Projects provides a highly bespoke selection of fire-rated glass, providing a wide range of design alternatives. Large, glazed elevations in a bright commercial space can be created using fixed fire-rated glass barriers while yet adhering to the laws on fire safety.

We can integarte bespoke fire rated partition doors that ca be E30-E90 fire rated. This provides a certified barrier against any internal fires that will allow enough time for anyone inside the building to get to saftey. With building regulations changing consistently, it is of great importance to sure that you have fire rated systems where necessary.