Internal Glazing Systems


Frameless Effect Glass Partitions


rameless effect glass partitions are an on-trend solution for creating bright and integrated working and leisure spaces. Designed fully bespoke to your project requirements, they are perfect for separating areas that require additional privacy and soundproofing, such as meeting rooms, while still allowing natural light to flood the space.

Multiple glass screens in different shapes and sizes can be connected using transparent joints to create a seamless glass facade, allowing enormous flexibility when designing glass elements to fit a range of dimensions and configurations.

Glass partitions are available in a range of specialised glass technologies, including low iron and decorative glass. When additional privacy is required, fluted glass and switchable privacy glass can be specified to distort vision without impeding the flow of light through the building. Our factory can cater to a wide range of decorative and technical glass solutions, so get in touch with the team to discuss any specific requests or requirements for your project.

internal frameless glass screen
frameless internal glass door and structural glass


Frameless Effect Glass Doors


hen you are looking to divide a set of internal spaces but don’t want to sacrifice a modern, open plan feel, our frameless effect doors are the ideal solution. These internal glass doors offer a frameless effect finish, creating a subtle and uninterrupted transition between rooms and complimenting a range of contemporary designs.

Door specifications are fully bespoke, allowing for a wide range in size, shape and configuration. Choose from classic hinged doors, elegant pivot doors, sliding and pocket sliding glass doors, any of which can be specified with soft-close fittings and hold-open mechanisms. Frameless effect doors can be also integrated into larger structural glass walls or connected to surrounding glass partitions, allowing for greater flexibility when planning the internal building layout.

Technical or decorative glass can be incorporated into the internal glass door design, including sandblasted and privacy glass. A bespoke range of minimal handles and ironmongery are also available to suit the aesthetic of any project, from classic stainless steel fixings to other unique designs.


Steel Framed Internal Glass Screens


teel framed glass screens are a luxury solution for broken plan designs in high end commercial developments, complimenting industrial style and chic loft style interior design schemes. Partitioned spaces create the illusion of additional separate areas, without sacrificing the highly sought-after airy and open plan feel.

To this end, the minimal steel frames allow natural light to flow unimpeded through each set of spaces. Multiple glass units can then be configured to create large steel-framed facades or used in conjunction with an internal steel-framed glass door.

This opens up any number of potential designs, from connecting brightly lit hallways and corridors to airy entrance halls and meeting rooms. Each partition can be further customised with applied or integrated steel glazing bars, which can be configured in numerous horizontal and vertical combinations for a modern art deco aesthetic.

steel framed internal glass partition
Fire rated steel framed glass wall partition


Steel Framed Internal Doors


ndustrial style glazing is increasingly used to great effect in contemporary commercial projects, creating a seamless blend between elegant functionality and historic charm. When used as part of a clean, light colour palette, the dark steel frames contrast beautifully against the pale surrounding walls and floors.

Our internal steel doors can be specified as single or double doors, with multiple hinge options to allow for pivoting or sliding door configurations. The steel doors can also be fixed within or between minimally framed glass partitions. Steel makes an ideal choice due to its high durability, rust resistance, and energy efficiency, helping conserve heated and air-conditioned environments within the building.

All our steelwork is worked by hand to create individual frames tailored exactly to the project requirements. The steel frame surrounding the glass door is extremely slim, ensuring a crisp and elegant profile. Each seam and joint are carefully welded by specialist metalworkers, infusing each piece of glazing with a unique character and artisan feel.

Additional steel transom bars can be adhered in any number of bespoke configurations to produce an elegant crisscross design, in line with the exacting standards and aesthetic required for any project.


Fire Rated Glass


ire rated glass is an integral part of any modern commercial glazing project, providing essential protection for both the occupants and the building itself in the event of an emergency. Traditionally, the design of fire rated doors was very limiting and dated, often detracting from the overall aesthetic – however, modern fire rated glazing can now be incorporated as a contemporary frameless glass unit that seamlessly blends with any modern structural glazing design.

Fire rated solutions can be specified with a variety of ratings, depending on the level of fire resistance required for the project. They can then be configured as a single or double door arrangement and integrated within a solid wall or a fire rated glass partition.

Frameless effect fire-rated glazing can be used in conjunction with fire-rated glass screens to create glass partitions without any bulky connecting frames. With only a small back-painted band to hide the edge of the seal, frameless effect fire rated glass doors are the perfect solution for contemporary projects that require minimal detailing.

Fire rated glass facade
Traditional Bow Windows to High End Apartment Block in Westminster


Technical Glass Solutions


 wide range of technical glass solutions can be incorporated into any internal glazing package to meet the individual project needs.

For areas where privacy is an important factor, technical glazing solutions such as fluted glass, sandblasted glass and switchable privacy glass can be specified to impede vision without impacting the flow of natural light entering the space. 

Additional technical glass coatings can also be applied to each unit, including bird protection coatings or a solar control layer to reduce overheating in spaces that have high levels of solar exposure.

Other specialised glass technologies include low iron glass, for extra clarity and transparency when dealing with large or thick glass units. This extra clear glass is particularly effective when the project involves multiple large glass facades or thick glass units, which would otherwise show a noticeable green hue.

Get in touch with the team today to discuss the best bespoke technical glass solutions for your project.

The glass options available from IQ is almost exhaustive. Get in touch and let us know what you require from your glazing.