Structural Glass


Invisio™ Glass Walls


Projects design and manufacture frameless glass walls using their thermally broken solution to structural glazing, Invisio™ structural glass. This unique thermally broken structural glass can achieve exceptional levels of thermal insulation without the inherent thermal bridging effect of traditional structural glazing installations.

Invisio™ structural glass is the perfect solution for wide glass elevations as it combines the elegant frameless aesthetic that IQ’s structural glazing is renowned for, while offering thermal insulation levels expected from modern fenestration.

Frameless effect glass walls are continuous elevations of minimalistic glazing, resulting in a modern architectural façade. This highly glazed skin to the walls of buildings breaks the divide between the indoor and outdoor spaces for a seemingly fluid connection to the outdoors. Each pane of structural glass is joined together with a slim silicone join to produce a Miesian architectural aesthetic.

The design and installation of structural glazing isn’t a simple process, each bespoke installation has to be painstakingly detailed. IQ Projects have a team of in-house designers who design and engineer the building connections, the glass to glass joins and all the fixings for a sleek glass installation.


Curved Glass


urved glass installations create a unique, curvilinear glazing design resulting in an organic aspect to architectural designs. Floor to ceiling curved glass can be used both internally and externally. Internally, curved glass can be used as room partitions or to create a new internal space in the shape of a natural form that allows light to continue throughout the building. For external use, curved glass panes can be manufactured as double or triple glazed units to create curved walls or curved windows.

The maximum glass sizes and the curvature vary based on the project specifics and the thickness of glass required; however, generally the maximum glass size can measure an impressive size of 6m x 3m. This innovative glazing system creates a visually striking aesthetic which offers a clear differentiation from traditional linear fenestration.

IQ Projects designed and installed curved glass windows to the VI Castle Lane project, a boutique residential development in London, to challenge the surrounding urban architecture and provide the occupants with a semi-external spatial experience. The curved glass windows protrude out from the skin of the building in a cantilevered fashion to enlarge the internal living spaces. From the exterior, these beautifully frameless curved windows appear as a modern interpretation of the traditional bow window.


Glass Box Extensions


lass box extensions can be designed as steel framed extensions or completely frameless glass designs depending on the structure and desired aesthetic. These glass extensions are suitable for both rooftop winter gardens and modern extensions to the side of buildings. Glass box extensions comprise a structural glass roof and structural glass walls joined together by a slim silicone join. To support the glass roof, IQ Projects can either design steel supports or structural glass beams can be specified to maintain the frameless aesthetic.

There isn’t a restriction on how large a glass box can be designed to; if desired, they can be designed to fill the whole rooftop space. The Savile Row project saw the installation of two structural glass box extensions, one to the side of the building and one to the rooftop. These additional spaces at Savile Row created light and airy dining spaces for staff to enjoy and provided a Miesian style aesthetic to the external façade of the building.

One main concern of fully glazed spaces is the risk of overheating; however, IQ Projects can offer an array of technical glass solutions to combat this. The glass used for these glazed extensions can be designed with solar control glass which helps reduce solar radiation by reflecting the suns rays back off the external face of the glass. Opening elements can also be integrated into the design to provide ventilation for the internal space and also to offer access to the adjoining spaces.

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Structural Glass Roofs


tructural glass can be used for roof glazing as part of a glass link, a glass extension or to create a fully glazed roof to a space. Overhead glazing is one of the best solutions when the aim of the design is to increase the influx of natural light with a building, as the light can penetrate straight down into the room below. Glass roofs are ideal for spaces that may have restrictions due to neighbouring properties meaning windows in the walls are not possible, therefore the best way of drawing light into the space is from above.

Glazed roofs will need some form of structural support and there are several options for this; structural glass beams can be used to create a highly contemporary, frameless roof design or steel supports can be used to suit a more industrial style aesthetic. Structural glass roofs can be designed as part of a glass link or ‘up and over’ glazing whereby the horizontal roof glazing will join vertical structural glass walls resulting in a highly glazed building envelope.

In these cases, vertical supports may be required in the form of frameless glass fins or steel sections. For a minimalistic aesthetic low iron glass can be specified for all aspects of the glazing which removes the green tinge often seen in glazing resulting in a beautifully clear finish to the glass.

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Invisio™ Glass Floors


ixed structural glass floors can be used both internally and externally to create a walk on glass feature as part of the architectural design. Glass floors can be installed as single panes of walk on glass or they can be designed as a large glass floor installation supported by either steel beams or frameless glass beams. IQ Projects design all the fixing and support details to suit the specific project and space for a bespoke installation.

Walk on glass usually requires an anti-slip resistant surface to meet safety regulations. These anti-slip solutions include sandblasting, which will provide privacy to the rooms below as well an non slip properties, ceramic links can also be applied in various patterns which maintains the transparency of the glass.

At Somerset House in London, IQ Projects installed a structural glass floor into the Archaeology Room to showcase some of the original foundations of a Tudor house that were discovered during initial phases of a renovation. These foundations were part of the original Somerset House which was built in the 16th century by Edward Seymour. This room is regularly used by the public as a drink’s reception venue; therefore, IQ Projects installed a slip resistant pattern onto the surface of the glass to ensure the glass wasn’t a slip hazard while maintaining transparency.

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Invisio™ Oriel Windows


riel Box Windows are constructed from Invisio structural glass which creates elegant, thermally insulated, protruding windows. By taking the traditional bay window and turning it into a pop out glass box, these protruding windows can be used as a multi-pane surface for natural light to flood in, but also as a modern window seat. IQ Projects use their years of knowledge in structural glazing to create these impressive protruding bay windows.

These frameless, modern glass bay windows can be used on a range of architectural projects where a glass bay window is desired. The base of this window structure can be a solid structural element such as a cantilevered steel base, which is finished in back painted glass to form the internal ‘seat’. For a contemporary finish, the vertical panes of glass that form the walls of the protruding window are stepped over the cantilevered base resulting in a smooth, all glass aesthetic.

Structural glazing doesn’t have a size restriction; therefore, the Invisio Oriel Windows can be manufactured to impressive sizes to complement advanced architectural designs. Depending on the design requirements, these protruding windows can either be designed as completely frameless multi-dimensional windows or opening elements can be integrated within the glazing for ventilation.


Frameless Glass Windows


tructural glazing creates beautifully contemporary elevations of glass for uninterrupted views of the outdoor environment. These frameless glass units are installed with hidden fixings to provide a sleek, contemporary aesthetic. Frameless glass windows, also known as picture windows, can be manufactured up to an impressive size of 6m x 3m for large striking window installations.

Frameless glass windows do not need to be just a single pane of glass, they can be two panes joined at a corner to create a frameless corner window with a slim silicone join connecting these two panes. Curved glass can also be used to create frameless glass windows designs, offering a unique element to architectural designs.

IQ Projects are experts in installing glazing to sensitive heritage projects including their specialist glazing works carried out at Blenheim Palace. To ensure the frameless glass windows installed to this arcade were manufactured to the exact shapes of the arched openings, a 3D digital survey was conducted.

This digital scan ensured that all the pre-bonded stainless-steel fixings to the glass lined up perfectly with the mortar lines between the stonework. IQ then installed single glazed, frameless windows that beautifully follow the contours of the arches.


Structural Glass Balustrades


espoke structural glass balustrade systems are available in two design options; a frameless balustrade design or a handrail option. Structural glass balustrades are a popular design feature within architectural design due to their minimalistic aesthetic and how they do not interrupt views at eye level.

The frameless design creates the illusion that there isn’t a protective barrier in the building, resulting in completely clear views. Frameless balustrades can be used both internally and externally on balconies, level changes, stairwells and Juliet balconies.

Structural glass balustrades from IQ Projects are manufactured using specially designed ionoplast interlayers for high levels of core strength. In the instance of glass breakage, the ionoplast interlayer holds the glass together and keeps the glass upright; this stops glass from falling into the spaces below if breakage was to occur.

The beauty of this product is the neat aesthetic it possesses due to there being no visible fixings. There various base fixing options available, also with the choice of integrated drainage to assist with water drainage from balconies and raised terraces. The base fixing can either be an over slab fixing, slab edge fixing and offset over slab fixing. For a super clear finish, low iron structural glazing can be used to further enhance the minimalistic aesthetic for these balustrades.


Structural Glass Bridges


lass bridges can be specified for a wide range of non-residential projects, from libraries to hotels. Structural walk-on glass panels can be spanned across open space to create a minimal, transparent glass bridge. These structural glass bridges may need to be supported by minimal steel supports or high specification structural glass beams is the structural glass bridge span large distances.

Glass balustrades can be incorporated into the bridge design to provide a safety barrier around the bridge. Due to the minimal detailing of our structural glass balustrades, the contemporary clear design of the glass bridge can easily be maintained. If glass beams are used in the support of the glass bridge the laminated glass panels can be elongated upwards to act as the balustrade to the bridge achieving a clear finish with no visible fixings.

Low Iron Glass can be used to minimise the ‘greening’ effect that can occur when installing thick layers of glass as would be used on a high specification structural glass assembly such as a glass bridge.

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