Technical Glazing


Glass products


hen you are using large elements of glass the technology behind the glazing is important.

We offer a whole catalogue of technical glass solutions to increase the performance of your glazing or address a specific design issue.

Highly technical glass solutions like Heated Glass, Electro Chromic Glass and Privacy Glass can allow you to change the internal environment or the appearance of the glazing at the simple push of a button.

Electro Chromic Glass can be useful in automatically reducing solar gain and can be a great tool in reducing the HVAC power requirements of a building.

minimal windows interior of swimming pool
Frameless Glass Balustrades


Solar Protection


or a more basic level of solar control a specialist Solar Control Coating can be applied to almost any glass specification to reduce overheating from solar exposure.

We offer a range of levels of protection in order to get the appearance and performance required from the glass.

You can achieve clear frameless glass with high levels of solar protection as well as highly reflective glass structures for privacy and solar control.

We also offer Bird Protection Glass, which is an innovative and effective solution suitable for all architectural glazing. Made with a specialist coating on the glass it is transparent to the human eye while the special UV reflective coating is visible to the bird.


Decoration & Aesthetics


ore aesthetically focused glass solutions like Low Iron Glass and Anti Reflective Glass can also be very useful in minimising the visual impact of glazing on a building. This can be used to great effect on historical, heritage or listing building projects, of which we are experts in.

Thanks to our glass factory’s capabilities we are also able to provide a whole host of decorative glass solutions for project. From basic finishes like sandblasting to ceramic fritted patterns to printed and coloured interlayers.

Almost anything you want is possible with glazing. If you have a specific request or requirement just contact the team who can investigate feasibility for you.

LED glass facade
Kingswood in Kent with Heated Glass - Electric Power Source Only


An Invisible Heat Source


eated glass can be utilised within any double or triple glazed unit, delivering an invisible heat source that eliminates the need for additional heating systems, for the most minimal design.

The specialist glass has a transparent metal oxide coating applied to the glass unit. Electricity is passed through the coating via buzz bars at the head and the base of the unit which are concealed within the glass construction.

You can achieve comfortable living temperatures all year round with the use of heated glass, as well as utilising the technological glass solution to prevent condensation build up in areas of high humidity.

This solution does not alter the appearance of glass panes, making it perfectly suited to projects following a minimal interior or exterior design.

The glass options available from IQ is almost exhaustive. Get in touch and let us know what you require from your glazing.