Use of vertical sash windows in hotels and hospitality

Use of vertical sash windows in hotels and hospitality

oversized vertical sash windows moving glass wall in a contemporary new build home

Hotel and hospitality commercial projects are notorious for creating luxury atmospheres to create comfortable environments for guests and users. The design considerations of both interior and exterior are all surrounding the user’s experience.  Applying luxury vertical sliding sash windows to hotel and hospitality projects provides large elevations of natural light to infill into the internal spaces of the project. These large format and high impact window designs are growing in popularity for their dual result of ensuring hospitality spaces are bathed in natural light but also for their ‘wow’ factor which is a key consideration in the design of today’s hospitality and leisure venues. A vertical sliding sash window system creates large horizontal openings that are ideal for creating striking glass facades, including double-height glazing installations; this dynamic glazing solution can be designed to create bespoke features for commercial spaces, such as safety balustrades for higher floors when opened. The minimal Vertical Sliding Sash window can be specified as a double-height glazing installation, used as an entry point, or used to create a modern Juliet balcony design.


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Vertical Sash Windows for Hotels 

Hotel projects create the perfect opportunity to integrate seamlessly openable elements to increase light infill and produce opportunities for ventilation. Vertical sliding sash windows are often used in modern commercial designs thanks to their slim frame design and flexible nature. Structural glazing can be used to create bespoke extensions for hospitality projects, including double-height elevations with varying sizes. For integration on upper-floor restaurants and bars, this bespoke system can be engineered into a configuration that when open creates a safety barrier in order to allow large values of light and ventilation to flood into the space. This is the ideal solution for upper floors with no access to recreational roof terraces or large balcony areas, open vertical spaces create the illusion of more space. Vertical sliding sash windows from IQ were integrated into the luxury hotel rooms at The Newt development in Somerset, sitting within the traditional brick skin of the barns to create striking window openings for the select high end hotel spaces.  

Vertical Sash Windows for Restaurants

One of the biggest advantages of applying vertical sash windows in a restaurant is the large flexibility and capabilities of the dynamic glazing solution.  The vertical sliding sash window can be specified up to 4.5m wide with minimal aluminium framing. The height of the opening depends on the width of the system, with each vertical sliding element available up to 12m.  For upper floor spaces, the bottom pane of the oversized sash window can be engineered to act as a balustrade. This allows you to slide the top part of the window down, creating a full width opening window. These types of large window openings are well regarded within restaurant design to maximise floor space and open the seating areas.  



oversized glazing vertical sash window in amersham

Glazing for commercial Car Showrooms:

Due to the bespoke nature of  Vertical Sash Windows, this glazing technology is a perfect solution for commercial car showrooms. These luxury glazing applications can be specified to have a completely flush threshold to Showroom in Amersham has a large Vertical Sliding Sash Window available to view, the oversized vertical sash window spans a staggering 6.5m high.  Read the blog all about glazing solutions for commercial showrooms… ensure that the safety and ease of driving over the threshold are seamless and uninterrupted. The minimal sightlines of the Vertical sash window create the opportunity to specify the glazing solution apart of a larger glazing package, this would look cohesive with slim framed sliding door solutions and even oversized fixed façade applications. The IQ

What’s Next? 

If you would like to see oversized vertical sash windows in a real-life situation, the newly renovated IQ showroom is now home to an automated, double-height vertical sliding sash window. The system reaches 6.5m tall, is easily operated with the push of a button..If you have any questions about specifying a vertical sash window for restaurant and hospitality projects, don’t hesitate to get in touch and a member of our technical team will be able to assist. 


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