Wheelchair Accessible Sliding Doors for Commercial Buildings

How modern glazing solutions are engineered for wheelchair accessibility 

minimal sliding doors accessible for commercial wheelchair use

Accessibility for any building is essential but especially for, non-residential buildings such as public libraries. IQ’s wheelchair accessible sliding doors have a completely flush threshold that is certified for barrier free access under DIN 18040-1, DIN 18040-2.

The Disability Discrimination Act of 1995 was put in place to stop discrimination against the disabled and physically impaired. Many steps have been put in place to ensure that considered accessible building design aids wheelchair users in commercial spaces.

A minimum width of 775mm should be considered for any openings when implementing a wheelchair accessible door for sufficient access in commercial spaces for wheelchair users.

For many commercial locations slim framed sliding doors provide the perfect solution for wheelchair users, due to the glazing solution being lightweight, adaptable, secure and easy to use. Slim framed sliding access doors also create minimal sightlines and complement a plethora of commercial buildings, from offices to restaurants and hotels.


minimal windows® slim framed wheelchair accessible sliding doors have the ability to have completely flush thresholds which make the transition between internal and external spaces seamless and step-free. The base fame of minimal window solutions are 38mm deep and are recessed below the flush floor level to create a completely flush surface.

The sliding door frames then sit within the recessed sliding track and this results in a sliding track only 12-13mm deep. This standard base frame creates a frameless and flush finish across the threshold and allows for a floor to ceiling elevation of glass with no base protruding frame.

slim lined sliding doors with flush flooring

Thanks to the shallow base recess the system is certified for barrier-free accessibility under DIN 18040-1 and DIN 18040-2.

Typically, casement doors are harder to manoeuvre through, predominately for wheelchair users, due to the action needed to open the door in an outwards or inwards movement. Wheelchair accessible sliding doors are known to eliminate this challenge by creating a fully open aperture which is free of obstacles and can be fully automated to enhance the functionality.

Having a flush threshold is one of the main components which create seamless transitions between commercial spaces, especially for wheelchair users; Flush thresholds create level and step-free access between interior and exterior areas.


Flush threshold door solution for wheelchairs

There are vast benefits to incorporating automation into wheelchair accessible sliding doors, one of the main benefits is creating more accessible entranceways for anyone with a disability. Automated sliding doors create the opportunity for seamless access with little or no need for manual interaction.

IQ Projects can advise you on providing the right glazing for commercial buildings that meet the requirements outlined in the Disability discrimination act of 1995 and several of our bespoke glazing solutions can be modified with automation to improve accessibility.


For more information on wheelchair accessible sliding doors, contact the IQ team today at hello@iqprojectsuk.com or call 01494 722880.

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