Ultimate Guide to Glazing for Hotels and Hospitality Buildings

Hotel and hospitality projects have vast opportunities for large glazing applications based on the function of the space. Hotels and restaurants are typically places where people go to relax and unwind, a space which can be upgraded with slimline and sleep glazing solutions. There are various options for glazing for hotels and hospitality.

Glass Extensions

glass extension in a hospitality projectGlazed extensions can be bespoke engineered to create luxurious internal function spaces for clear surrounding views and large values of light infill into the space. Installing slim framed glass doors and structural glazing applications contribute to creating aesthetic environments as well as proving added benefits such as durability, natural light infill and high-performance solutions.  

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Glass box extensions are a trend in architecture that creates an internal space with clear and uninterrupted views of the outdoors and surrounding views. For hotel and hospitality projects in more picturesque locations using bespoke glazing solutions, such as glass box extensions or large structural glazing applications, creates the opportunities to make the most of the stunning surroundings.   

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Natural Light

floor to ceiling sliding glass door in BAFTAIn hotel and hospitality projects natural light is very important in promoting wellness which is commonly sought after in commercial hospitality spaces. The key to achieving this lies in the specification of high-performance, minimally framed glazing. High-end glass solutions maximise the amount of daylight entering each living space while ensuring no compromises are made on other aspects of the build. 

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bespoke rooflight solution in a hotel restaurantCreating healthy spaces for people to work, live in and use has always been an essential part of architecture but has become even more prolific in recent years. With new building regulations coming into effect, it’s important that the glazing solutions lay in line with these regulations; IQ can assist you with glazing solutions which help with these building regulations.  

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Whiskey Bars in Hotels

whiskey bars in hotelsIntegrating amenities into hotels and hospitality has been a raising design trend in recent years in a bid to create a multi-functional space. With an expanding industry of extra amenity hotels, it’s important to ensure that both style and performance are considered. 

Read more about the project we carried out with Virgin hotels, integrating glazing for whisky bars in luxury hotels.

Slim Sliding Doors for Hotels and Hospitality

Clifftops Hotel luxury architectural glazing solutionsIQ projects have designed and installed various bespoke glazing applications for a variety of hotel and hospitality projects nationally. Clifftops luxury holiday lodges are a great example of bespoke glazing solutions which contribute to the interior and exterior design of the commercial space. The slim-framed sliding doors were specified due to the exceptional performance values, with added specialist glazing to protect from the marine environment.  

Find out more about this project, by reading the case study here…





Swimming Pool Glazing

Embassy Gardens swimming pool with slim sliding glass doorsEach commercial project will require different glazing specifications for swimming pools, based on the use and performance requirements, in some luxury hotels, these include a spa and swimming pool amenities.

A great example of swimming pool glazing is Embassy Gardens, this luxury swimming pool includes a swim-in hot tub, allowing people to swim in and out of the indoor swimming pool. Read the case study here.

Glazing for Luxury Retreats

IQ’s wide range of glazing systems and technical glazing solutions allows us to manufacture glazing tailored to suit the project location. With a large range of glazing solutions, readily available can include a variety of slim framed and structural systems.  

IQ International offers glazing solutions to both commercial and residential properties in a plethora of luxury locations.

architectural glazing solutions in a hospitality projectFelon Valley features a bespoke glazing package designed for the high-end hotel, including slim framed sliding glass door systems and frameless structural glass as well as large internal screens.  

Read more about this project here.

To create the perfect luxury environment in a commercial setting, IQ’s technical experts are on hand to offer expert opinion and specification advice for minimally glazed projects across the UK and internationally.  

To discuss glazing specifications for swimming pools, contact the IQ team today.

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