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Fire Rated Systems


ire-safe and fire resistance glazing are integral parts of large building designs. The use of fire-rated glass is essential in some areas of a building to not only protect the occupants in the event of a fire emergency but also to help protect the building itself.

The design and specification of fire-rated glazing assemblies is a complicated and technical process but one that IQ has many years of experience in. The entire assembly must be treated as one. That means that all the fire-rated glazing, fire rated fixings and any associated frameworks will have to be considered as one entity to ensure that we create a completely secure fire rated installation.


ur fire rated glass solutions are available in a range of fire ratings from E (Integrity Only), EW (Integrity and Partial Radiation protection) and EI (Full Integrity and Insulation protection). Once we know what fire rating you require we will be able to offer you a wide range of glazing options to meet your criteria.

In addition, we offer and fabricate a wide variety of fire rated door solutions including completely frameless options as well as your traditional steel framed fire door.

Whatever your requirements, we’re dedicated to providing multifunctional, fire-resistant glass solutions – for safe, beautiful, sustainable and comfortable buildings.

Thanks to advances in the design of fire rated glass, fire-rated glazing is now available in frameless designs and can be used to create frameless glass partitions, structural glass walls, glass roofs and walk on glass floors.

Fire Rated Glass Facades

Fire rated glazing is a highly technical area of architectural glass specification. For help and advice contact the team.