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Projects work with the architect on a project to determine the most suitable glass specification for each project, working with a wide range of glass suppliers to find the best solution every time. Our relationship with numerous glass suppliers ensures that IQ Projects can find a solution to suit extremely complex, bespoke architectural glazing projects.   

Experienced glass technicians use their years of expertise to create our bespoke glazing units, tailored and designed for each individual purpose. Whether we are creating a sliding glass wall, a structural glass roof or a decorative glass panel, our trusted glass suppliers have all the tools required to ensure first-class quality.  

glass processing for commercial architectural glazing
glass manufacturing for bespoke commercial glazing

We Create

Bespoke Designs


he possibilities available from architectural glazing have evolved significantly over the past 15 years. Our glass processing factory stays at the forefront of these advances to help us to create glass constructions that are one of a kind. 

Our factory set up includes the ability to handle and process Jumbo Sized glass units including the laminating, sandblasting and bonding of these exceptionally large glass units. 

Specialists in curved glass installations, IQ Projects fabricates each curved glass panel to the exact measurements for each project for a sophisticated and unique aesthetic. These shaped units of glass are suitable for a range of installations from curved glass windows, curved shop fronts and curved glass walls. 

Quality Control Ensures

Exceptional Quality


igorous quality control procedures and quality assurance are present throughout the glass processing process and all aspects of our supply and manufacture chain ensure that we supply only the best quality products. Our team of glass technicians are experts in manufacturing curved glass to nearly any radius to suit the requirements of the project and follow strict procedures to ensure the highest of qualities.

commercial architectural glazing - glass processing and manufacturing

We work on some of the most exciting architectural projects in the UK. See some of our work at our project gallery…