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ur state of the art glass processing factory is strategically based in West London offering us fantastic access into London as well as the surrounding areas.

The experienced team of glass technicians use their years of expertise to create all of our bespoke glazing units, tailored and designed for each individual purpose.

Whether we are creating a sliding glass wall, a structural glass roof or a decorative glass panel, our glass processing factory has all the tools required to ensure first-class quality.

state of the art glass processing
glass processing factory

We Create

Bespoke Designs


he possibilities available from architectural glazing have evolved significantly over the past 15 years. Our glass processing factory stays at the forefront of these advances to help us to create glass constructions that are one of a kind.

Our factory set up includes the ability to handle and process Jumbo Sized glass units including the laminating, sandblasting and bonding of these exceptionally large glass units.

The factory produces all of our aluminium window and door solutions bespoke to order, enabling you to specify your glazing bespoke including glass, colour and ironmongery.

The facility is also routinely inspected for quality and safety, having been bestowed with the sought-after Q Mark standard for General Standards as well as Enhanced Security.

Quality Control Ensures

Exceptional Quality


igorous quality control procedures and quality assurance are present throughout the glass processing process and all aspects of our supply and manufacture chain ensure that we supply only the best quality products.

If a glass unit does not meet our exacting standards it will not be issued to you.

Visits and tours of our glass processing factory are available for those wishing to see exactly how we create these impressive glass structures.

In 2018 construction will begin on a brand new glass processing factory which will be built on site of our head offices in Amersham.

glass processing

We work on some of the most exciting architectural projects in the UK. See some of our work at our project gallery…