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are happy to share their enormous experience in glazed systems and glass products with our customers. We have many detailed product information data sheets available as well as performance guides for glass that we are able to share with you to help in the specification of our glazing design.

There is never just one suitable solution for an architectural glazing design. At IQ we are able to look at your drawings and help to narrow down what would be the best way to create the design you propose. Would a framed or frameless solution be best? Do you really need to use triple glazing? Should you consider a solar control coating? These are the types of questions we can answer to help create your bespoke glazing design.

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sing our years of experience and plethora of past projects we will be able to advise you about typical design details and frame sizes before any design work has been undertaken to help narrow down your design choices.

We offer a wide range of window and door systems as well as bespoke structural glass designs. There are numerous solutions utilising glass that IQ have come across in their long list of successful projects and regularly architects are happily surprised by innovative solutions IQ offer.

NBS Specification Writing

IQ Projects also offer a full NBS style specification service for architects who wish to ensure the correct aesthetic and performance is achieved from their documentation.

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