Aberystwyth Bandstand: Seafront Glazing in Wales

Aberystwyth Bandstand received a complete makeover including new seafront glazing in Wales in the form of IQ’s high performance bifold doors and casement windows.

IQ Projects worked on a prominent landmark on the Aberystwyth coast, the renovation of this community space was designed with a larger and more prominent theme, when compared to the existing building. The original design was scrapped after being criticised as too modern and too expensive, leading the council to abandon its original design because of the extended costs associated.

Our highly skilled installers and dedicated project manager oversaw and ran the installation. The installation, as always, is being carried out to a high level of finish and is a crucial factor in such an important piece of history and a prestigious building.

specialist glazing Aberystwyth band stand

The seafront glazing in Wales includes a glass front that allows the building to look more inviting, with internal spaces able to be used for events or performances. The aluminium bi-fold doors were specified due to the slim frames, allowing in a vast amount of natural light and enabling the aperture to be completely opened when the bifold doors are open.

Any property within 5 miles of a seafront is classed as being in a marine environment, and this specialist seafront glazing in Wales needed a certain specification as buildings in this area are in harsh environments with higher levels of moisture and salt and debris being swept in from the sea.


bespoke glazing welsh coast glazing packageProperties classed as marine properties are in atmospheres with much higher than average chemical contents. Elements in the air such as salts, chemicals, and deposits from the sea can all affect the external face of buildings.

Due to the seafront glazing in Wales being directly sea facing, having higher wind loads and being close to the sea, the specification of the glazing had to be upgraded for extra safety and to ensure that the aluminium stays durable and easy to care for.


The high performance bifold doors and slim framed aluminium casement windows from IQ were specified as aluminium has natural rust and corrosion resistant properties, making it ideal for these types of high moisture, harsh environments. We would always recommend pre-anodising aluminium framing profiles and then finishing with a polyester powder coating for maximum protection and durability. 

sea front glazing in wales

The project was not without its issues, with the installation well underway, Aberystwyth Band Stand was subjected to severe storms, putting a delay on the construction. IQ’s team are able to adapt and help work with other companies involved to overcome these issues. 

The site manager was required, on more than one occasion, to order the evacuation of the site to leave the site due to the exposed location and health and safety concerns over the large waves that, could result in a variety of potentially dangerous flotsam & jetsam raining down onto the site.

During one site visit after Storm Desmond had impacted the Welsh coast during the early part of the, the site manager reported that several fish had been found in the car parks and on the roof of the rotunda, washed and thrown up from the force of the storm.

marine grade glazing package for west welsh project

Aberystwyth is of course no stranger to severe weather fronts, with its historic promenade being severely damaged in December 2013 & January 2014, triggering mass evacuations to flooded seafront buildings.

The common harsh weather fronts have meant more infrastructure needed in the build pushing the project budget from £900,000 to £1.2 million and meaning a delay in the project.

However, the project is now complete and can be booked for events. If you are located near Aberystwyth, stop by and take a look at the bespoke seafront glazing in Wales. 

For information regarding seafront glazing in Wales, contact the team today. 

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