Coastal Glazing Installation | Fowey Hall Hotel

A Coastal Glazing Installation using Cranes and Glazing Robots

Fowey Hall Hotel is a historical and age-old building that has been transformed into a luxury coastal hotel while retaining its original English architectural charm. This coastal glazing installation included primarily minimal windows slim sliding doors along with casement doors and windows.

coastal glazing installation

Casement doors and windows are easy to manoeuvre and carry to prep them for the coastal glazing installation. The team simply had to walk back and forth with the casement systems and place them wherever they needed to be installed. On the other hand, moving and prepping the slim sliding doors involved heavy machinery.

Due to the shear size of the glazing, and steep hills of Fowey Halls grounds, a large joystick operated crane was employed to secure and lift the minimal windows systems up and over into position ready for the IQ team to prep and install. The crane had to be carefully operated due to the naturally high winds of the coastal location. Using a large lifting crane comes with various hurdles to overcome such as wind speed, weather and road closures. In the case of Fowey Hall Hotel, there was no road closures needed, the weather was almost perfect for vacuum crane lifting and the wind was just light enough to ensure the crane was stable.

coastal-glazing-installation-fowey-hallOnce the glazing had been lifted over to the desired area, the team prepared the secondary glazing robot to assist with installing the over 300kg glass panes. The second robot is essentially a large mechanical arm with several suction pads that can lift over 500kg with ease. The robot was guided by the team and allowed the panes to be millimetre accurate when being placed into the already installed frame.

The Installation took place over one singular day and was completed without any major issues. If you have a glazing project and would like a quotation, contact the team today!


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