Farmyard at The Newt

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Farmyard at The Newt

The Newt in Somerset is the redesigned historical ‘Hadspen Estate’ which has been redeveloped into a luxury hotel and get away destination

Hadspen House  

Hadspen House is a Grade II Listed building in Somerset, located between Castle Cary and Bruton. This historical mansion was built in 1687 and was the home to the Hobhouse family for many generations. Due to the estate’s location, the house was built almost entirely from Cary stone, giving the estate and its surrounding buildings a unique design set closely within its location.  The house and surrounding estate was sold in 2013 to Karen Roos (previously the editor of Elle Decoration South Africa) and her husband Koos Bekker. The couple then began a long and ongoing building project to turn the historical country estate into a must-visit location within the heart of Somerset.  


 IQ Architectural Glazing at The Newt 

IQ were approached by the architects to provide architectural glazing for the development back in 2015. The building and development project at The Newt has been an almost constant project for the past few years, seeing various areas of the estate and further buildings upgraded and developed over that time.  The architectural glazing works at The Newt include large bespoke projects on the existing Hadspen Estate but also expand to the west to the converted Shatwell Estate which is now part of the larger Newt complex.  Through examination of the Newt in Somerset pictures we can see the scale of the development here as well as the size of building and architectural glazing contract that was undertaken.  

Inside of the Threshing barn at the newt

Entrance Barn  

The entrance barn sits at the north of the Newt estate and is the first impression many guests receive of the luxury hotel. Here, IQ provided a large package of architectural glazing including the bespoke twin glass entrance doors that reach up to 4.5m tall. These 4.5 tall glass doors were created from frameless single glazing with inset glass doors for a seamless design. They were designed to fit into the existing barn doorways of the old threshing barn with minimal intrusion and an expert architectural finish. Within the entrance barn are a wide variety of exiting window openingswhich have been filled with bespoke structural glass windows from IQ. All these windows vary in size and shape thanks to the historical nature of the structure and combine together to create a light and open entrance space.  

Outside and entrance of threshing barn

 The House and Garden Shop  

To the left of the entrance as you walk into The Newt estate, is the House and Garden shop. This brick building maintains the open appearance of a working barn thanks to the frameless glass walls from IQ that sit behind the structure. Frameless structural glass panels were engineered here to expertly fit behind the brick pillars and span from floor to ceiling for an invisible design. The glass units are insulated but benefit from the appearance of single glazing thanks to the clear glass spacer bars within the units. Instead of your typical black glass joint between the units, you see a clear glass connection thanks to the clear spacers. This space is now used as the shop for the estate, selling all manner of items created or grown on the grounds.

The Cyder Bar and Cyder Cellar

Opposite the House and Garden Shop and to the left of the Entrance Barn is the Cyder Bar. Here, guests and visitors can experience the cyder brewed on site at The Newt. The cyder made at The Newt is brewed from apples grown on the grounds within the historic orchards on site.  Various elements of bespoke glazing were provided by IQ throughout the Cyder Bar and Cellar including aluminium framed windows and doors, interior glazing and steel framed doors. You can see the Newt in Somerset pictures highlighting the all-glass balcony to the Cyder Press area which separates the upper floor offices from the visitor areas. 


Produce Stores 

Further glazing from IQ can be found in the Produce and Mushroom stores which are located opposite the Greenhouse. These low set stone buildings include bespoke frameless glazing to the exterior side with expert and minimal glazing connections to the limestone structures.  All fixings and motors of automated elements are hidden to create a minimalistic glass design. 

annotated map of the whole grounds of the Newt




The Story of Gardening Museum 

Through the woods to the right of the entrance is the hidden Story of Gardening Museum. This purpose-built area is part of the wider visitor attraction at The Newt and is featured in Newt in Somerset pictures showcasing the garden and wildlife. The building is set below the ground with a large structural glass elevation running down the exposed side. This glass wall – designed and installed by the team at IQ – reaches almost 6m tall at the entrance and slowly decreases in size along the glass elevation as the ground rises. You can see The Newt in Somerset pictures showcasing the Story of Gardening Museum in further detail at our technical case study here. Within the structural glass façade is a set of bespoke sliding steel doors with a base mounted roller track. These create the impressive glass entrance to the museum. 

Entrance to story of gardening museum the Newt


The Farmyard at The Newt

To the Southwest of the main Newt Estate is The Farmyard at the Newt. This secluded section of the Newt hotel is half a mile through the orchards and can be accessed via car or buggy.  This area of the luxury hotel estate is based on what used to be the Shatwell House and the associated buildings. Here, 17 exclusive and private hotel rooms are located within its own rural retreat.  IQ worked with architects Richard Parr on the development of this area of The Newt and provided many of the architectural glazing installations that are a key part of the design and all pictures of The Newt in Somerset

Secluded private rooms at the Newt called the Farmyard



The Garner Bar 

This partially rounded building is now home to the communal drinks area of The Farmyard. Complimentary drinks are served here to guests who are staying on the complex. Frameless structural glass windows from IQ are slotted into the thick stone walls and expertly connect to the stonework and circular built in fireplace. 

Inside the Garner bar at the Newt

The Granary  

The Granary is a modern timber building nestled within the stone structures of The Farmyard. This modern design was expertly designed to slot into the character of the estate and features an array of frameless structural glazing from IQ. Frameless windows with frameless ridge rooflights ensure that the private hotel rooms within The Granary are bright and airy with a rustic modern design.  




The Cheese Barn  

At the rear of the complex is the secluded Cheese Barn. This traditional cottage actually includes some of the most modern glazing designs from IQ with bespoke oversized sash windows in the bedrooms. These aluminium framed windows fill the entire barn window opening with the top pane sliding down to open the window. The base panel of glass acts as a glass balustrade. The result is a full window of glazing with very minimal framing for a large influx of natural light into the traditional cottage design building.  



The Pool House  

The Pool House also houses the communal dining area for guests of the Farmyard. Large elevations of structural glazing make this room highly impactful. The double height glass facades from IQ reach up to 5m tall here and connect framelessly into the stone walls. The double height glass units have clear spacers bars within them for a minimal design and all glass finish.  

inside and outside the Pool house at the Newt


The Newt in Somerset Pictures  

The beauty of The Newt can only be appreciated from the pictures of the estate. For anyone interested in visiting the estate visit The Newt website here.  If you are planning your own architectural glazing design or want to find out more about the glazing technologies used by IQ at The Newt, contact the technical team at IQ here.  

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