Fret Cut Decorative Steel for Shop Fronts

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Decorative Laser Cut Steel

What is Fret Cut Steel?

Bespoke Fret Cut Decorative Steel is a pane of metal steel decorated to the exterior wall/cladding crafted in any shape, size or colour. This provides natural light to filter throughout the day, adding visual quality and a perfect divider for shop fronts.
Fret Cut steel is bespoke, cut out accordance with the requested design and patterns.
High powered laser beams move into the steel area precisely cutting the steel producing the desired, decorative pattern as the end result.
It seems obvious the more complicated the design the longer it takes to cut. Architects and designers can create their own pattern incorporating the brand name/logo in any design and decorative shapes.


aluminium casement door and minimal windows

Decorative Steel in Shop Fronts

While we continue to admire the Victorian Shop fronts, we are starting to see the rise of fret cut steel above shop fronts providing an architecturally rich and striking addition. This offers a lovely light and unblocked entry experience for customers while appreciating the material and design. The decorative steel can be used as a floor to ceiling wall, featuring beautiful surface design and patterns with light and shadows appearing on the floor providing visual calmness and serenity.

Internal wall and ceiling featuring designs and patterns throughout the internal space create a visual calmness suiting the atmosphere while achieving the minimal look. Fret cut steel design offers beauty in art and shapes. The light would generate a patterned shadow effect, appearing on the floor and appliances throughout the space creating an inviting welcome to customers.

Decorative Steel external-internal walls allow natural light to flow in throughout the day. Even when dark, the wall can create a striking look from the outside transforming the wall structure into a beautifully glowing lantern when lit from the inside. This provides an inviting space for customers while a recognisable feature for the locals.

Casement Door

Use of Fret Cut Decorative Steel in Shop Front Design

A bespoke decorative steel facia was used above this award-winning renovation on Redchurch Street, London. What used to be a dark, cold warehouse is now a colourful, beautiful, light-filled mixed-use development. Decorative intricately cut, architectural steel was fabricated and installed above the front elevation, enticing and encouraging passers-by to enter.

The panels used for all 3 openings, above the store created a cohesive and aesthetic look. The decorative steel was placed outside the store, withstanding any weather conditions while minimal maintenance is required and long-lasting.
The three large front elevation has been reconfigured on this public facade, this references a curtain like steel facing out to the public life above the high-end store. This provides useful for full coverage of the retail ventilation units while mirroring the geometry of the terrace pergola.
To enhance the design and quality of the steelwork, IQ Projects combined decorative finishing offering corrosion resistance and inherent strength. Patinated bronze finishing was used creating a luxury and bespoke aesthetic appearance. The specialist grey powder coat was used to match the look with the exterior including the three track sliding door creating a cohesive and welcoming space.

Aluminium Casement Door

First Impressions count

Designs including signs and signage should be communicated and noticed by people as they walk by. It should be robust to withstand all outdoor elements. IQ Projects work with providing looks that best suits the owner while creating a shop front that goes unnoticed.

IQ Projects deliver exceptional quality and design in a range of steel finishes for decorative fretwork as part of our architectural glazing packages. These include:

• Galvanised Steel
• Stainless Steel
• Corten Steel™
• Patinated Bronze
• Chemically Blackened Steel

They are manufactured in-house offering full quality control and flexibility. They would normally be mounted on the external building fascia.

If you would like to find out more about the panels or would like a commission of your own bespoke fret cut steel then please contact us on 01494 722 880 or email where our team would be happy to assist.

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