Pre-Fab Sustainable Cabins in Scotland with IQ

Glass Cabins by Loch Lomond Scotland  

The bespoke glass cabins for this Scottish getaway have now been completed, but not without their fair share of hurdles for the IQ Projects team to overcome.  

Transport to Site. 

IQ’s closet office to Scotland is our Manchester office, which is still a substantial 7-hour drive to site for both our project manager and site team. Long travel times are common for our team, and are planned to ensure we have ample time for installations. This led to our team leaving for site in the early hours of the morning to ensure that they would be able to survey the site, prep and install the systems.  

Not only did the installation team have to travel up to Scotland, but the delivery team had to drive the glazing up to Scotland. While our delivery drivers and teams are highly experienced, the longer the travel time, the more chance something could go wrong. This is why the team planned their route up to Scotland carefully to minimize any risks.  

The IQ Manchester team had to first drive over 7 hours to Invergordon, where the suppliers’ factory was based. This trip was shortly followed by a 4 hour drive down Scotland towards the site at Loch Lomond. The near 12-hour long trip was planned by the team and was overseen by the IQ PM to ensure things ran smoothly. 

map of scotlandInstalling The Glazing in The Glass Cabin Factory  

When planning how to install the glazing systems (which included roof lights and sliding doors) the team worked with the glass cabin manufactures and decided that it would be best to install the majority of the glazing at the factory in dry, easily manageable conditions. 

All of the fixed glazing systems were installed at the cabin manufactures factory. This was a choice taken due to the heavy Scottish rainfall, which would have damaged the cabin’s interiors, especially with a hole in the roof waiting to be filled with glass. The team chose not to install the sliding doors in the factory as they are not designed to be moved drastically between sites.  

glass cabins in Scotland

Installing the Glazing On-Site  

Installing the sliding doors on site came with a handful of challenges that were nullified inside the factory. Installing on site meant transporting glass to the side of a lake where the ground was wet and unstable. The weather was also poor on most days, which meant the team had to be careful when using suction carrying devices that could slip due to rainfall. Installing the slim sliding doors at the factory would have been an option, however the intense travel that the systems would have to undergo to get to site would have increased the risk of damage. 

When a site is susceptible to rain, it is difficult to install frames and glass. Our expert installation team have years of experience and have even had to cross rivers to get to site, rain and harsh conditions are common and easily worked around with the correct knowledge and tools.  

If you have any questions about how we can supply and install your glazing, contact the team here. 

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