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It is also an 100% guarantee that a gym in the United Kingdom features some form of glazing, whether it is bespoke or not. Gym and spa glazing allows for the active spaces to be segmented without jeopardizing the open-plan, free moving feel that most gyms desire.

For luxury and high-end gym and spa buildings, the glazing has to promote the luxury aesthetic while also providing exceptional performance. Glazing that separates an active gym space from the relaxing spa area must have outstanding acoustic levels. Ensuring that your glazing can withhold the louder noises from a gym area ensures that the feeling of relaxation in the spa is personified.

gym and spa glazing

Gym and spa glazing is also often fire rated. This is a requirement in many new-build leisure and hospitality developments as in the case of a fire, the spread of that fire must be maintained to ensure that all members and employees can reach a fire exit safely. Fire rated glazing can be specified to resist extreme temperatures for up to 30,60 or 120 minutes.

Ventilation is of very high importance in these spaces due to high levels of footfall and the need to keep air in constant circulation for diluting and displacing indoor pollutants. Interior casement doors can feature trickle vents to ensure the air circulation is consistent while assisting the air-conditioning system in moving air throughout the building.

Gym and spa glazing in Park Modern Apartments.

The IQ Projects team has recently completed another bespoke glazing project (as of October 2023) for Park Modern Apartments. Park Modern is a new residential apartment development with amenities such as the luxury gym and spa area located on the bottom floor.

This project features various casement doors and fixed glazing configurations, which allow for the seamless separation between the gym and spa spaces.

gym and spa glazing

IQ Projects designed and installed the bespoke casement doors with an Axalta bronzed C34 powder coated finish. The casement doors are also tested to be fire rated to resist extreme temperatures for 30 minutes. As mentioned above, trickle vents are featured in the glazing system to improve ventilation.

Along with the casement doors. Fixed glass has been installed with the same power coated finish and E30 fire rated glazing.

If you have any questions regarding gym and spa glazing, or would like to speak to the team about getting a quote for your next project, contact the team here.

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