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What is hotel glazing, and how can it elevate the guest experience?

A hotel’s main focus should be on the guest experience and ensuring that those guests are as comfortable as possible during their stay. This is why heavy investments are made on the highest quality bedding, carpets, and facilities, but what about the glazing?

Hotel glazing designed and installed by IQ can help elevate guest experiences ensuring that their rooms provide incredible views, exceptional thermal performance and are as safe as possible. The vast majority of hotels around the world will host an incredible view from at least one façade around the building. With minimal 21mm sightlines provided by our sliding door system, these views are maximized, allowing guests to sit back and enjoy a sea-front view or city skyline.

Hotel glazing can also be specified outside of guest rooms in more social areas such as a lobby bar, restaurant, spa or hotel entrance. These aspects of glazing can elevate a guest’s experience by ensuring that the glass systems are high quality and high performing.

The ideal systems for hotels are:

Completed Hotel Projects By IQ.

St Ermin’s Hotel

st ermins hotel glazing

St Ermin’s Hotel is a historical London building that is now a luxury hotel that retains its historical looks through the architecture. The hotel has built a reputation for being the go-to place for the UK secret intelligence service meetings and for having an extensive VIP guestlist.

The hotel entrance is surrounded by greenery and features several architectural features that pay homage to the buildings origins. To follow this theme, IQ were contracted to install 4 sets of pivoting entrance doors with specialist coatings to create a striking lobby entrance.

The externally facing pivot doors have been powder coated in a bronze finish to match the existing fixed glazing that houses it. These doors were designed to include an electronic automatic opening system that creates a smooth entrance as guests arrive/leave.

The second set of pivoting doors are frameless with a small flower design to ensure guests can see the doors clearly. These doors were installed as an extra security measure and to also provide an extra layer of thermal performance. Due to the building being so old, the existing glazing does not typically perform very well thermally. The extra glass door assists this.

Hotel Beaulac

hotel glazing in Switzerland This upscale hotel in Switzerland takes great satisfaction in offering visitors the height of luxury, which includes a luxurious rooftop bar and patio. While part of the bar is an outside terraced area, a portion of the top level is inside to allow the space to be enjoyed throughout the harsh winters.

This distinctive space’s windows and panes are entirely custom-made, utilising eccentric curves and shapes to great effect. To create a contemporary industrial interior design, glazing bars have been used throughout the glazing. A variety of fixed and opening features were called for, including many sets of large sliding glass doors.

When the doors are opened and the weather permits, the room can merge into one spacious interior and outdoor space thanks to the flush threshold on the slim-framed sliding doors. Electrochromic glass has been integrated into every aspect of the glazing design to offer a sun shading solution that doesn’t detract from the intended appearance.

Hotel Monverde

hotel monverde sliding glass doorsDedicated to wine tourism, Hotel Monverde is a wine experience hotel located in Portugal. Nestled within the undulating green hills of Quinta do Lixa’s grape vineyards, the hotel offers sweeping views of Telões, a region in northern Portugal.

Throughout the project, super slimline sliding glass doors were placed, particularly in the guest suites like the Wine Experience Suite, Vineyard Experience Room, and Charming Room.

The ultra slimline sliding glass was selected because of its 21mm thin sightlines, which provide stunning, unobstructed views of the surrounding vineyard and scenery.

From time to time, the sliding doors were set up as pocket doors so that visitors may fully remove the partition separating the indoor and outdoor areas.


If you have any questions about the above projects, or any questions regarding our hotel glazing systems, contact the team here.

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