NEW CPD Seminar from IQ on Bespoke Glass Facade Details

Get an Overview of Bespoke Glass façade details from IQ  

IQ have just launched our latest technical CPD seminar for architects, showcasing a wide variety of glass façade details. Designed for architects, engineers and specifiers who want to learn what is possible from a glass façade design, our latest CPD seminar offers a unique insight into how these bespoke glass façade details are designed and created in real life.  

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Using real life completed project examples, the CPD showcases a variety of glass façade designs including curved facades, angled facades, back painted facades and frameless glass façade details. The CPD also offers insight into many of the latest glass technologies that can be used in façade design.  

 Frameless Glass Façade Details

The CPD provides various completed project examples, showcasing the various ways in which a frameless glass façade could be created. Using real life project examples, the CPD showcases how a glass façade detail is taken from brief to design to implementation on site.  

 curved glass facade 600x600 1Curved Glass Façade Details

Curved glazing is possible within facades using structural glass and the CPD offers examples of curved glass integrated within glass facades. We also showcase the options of curved facades vs faceted facades using completed projects to showcase the difference in design and possibilities.  


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Glass Joint Details for Facades  

When creating a frameless glass façade, how the glass joins together is a key part of the completed design. The CPD offers insight into the options available for glass joints within the design, from bespoke colored structural joints to invisible glass spacers.


angled glass facade 600x600 1Angled Glass Façades

When a glass façade is angled special care and attention has to be paid to its design and engineering. We show a range of details used to create an angled glass façade as well as offering examples of moving parts within these angled facades.  

bespoke glass facade 600x600 2

 Bespoke Façade Design 

All facades IQ create are bespoke and a unique approach has to be taken when specifiers and engineers require a completely bespoke façade design. Using completed project examples, we provide an insight into how these bespoke glass facades are designed and engineered from concept and hand sketches to complete 3D modelling.  

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