New Retractable Glass Roof Launched

Creating innovative commercial glazed roof designs with the new retractable system from IQ

IQ Projects are excited to announce the launch of our new retractable glass roof. The system, designed in-house and developed at our manufacturing facility in Amersham, is the latest in our range of contemporary roof glazing.

Commercial retractable glass roofGlass roofs are a hugely effective solution for a variety of commercial projects, thanks to their ability to create brightly lit, open plan spaces that benefit the health and wellbeing of employees and customers alike. Specifying a retractable glass roof adds a unique spin on traditional fixed glazing, with an entire glazed roof section that can slide back to reveal a large structural opening.

Control Options for a Retractable Glass Roof

Retractable glass roofs can be used to great effect in the hospitality industry, as a way to create an indoor-outdoor space that responds to weather conditions on any given day. Restaurants and eateries can create an al fresco dining experience when the roof is fully slid open, while offices can design open-air break spaces for their employees. When rain or poorer weather strikes, the system can be seamlessly and rapidly closed again via a remote control system.   

Recreational space retractable glass roofThe retractable glass roof will be fully compatible with smart technology, including sensors for instant automated response to changes in the weather. The system can be easily programmed to close in response to rain or strong winds, as well as to open when the outdoor/indoor temperature hits a specific range.

The new retractable roof design by IQ is highly bespoke and customisable to the requirements of any project, with large sizes and a variety of possible configurations supported by powerful motors. The system uses fully thermally broken aluminium frames, as well as toughened glazing with laminated interlayers to ensure a safe, condensation-free glass roof design with exceptional thermal performance values.

To find out more about how our bespoke commercial glass roofs could benefit your project, give us a call on 01494722880 or email us at

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