How to Add Natural Light in the Office with Privacy Glass

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Privacy Glass in the working environment, emphasises the amount of natural light in each room. 

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The first choice for light sources in workspaces will always be natural light as opposed to harsh and dim lighting systems. Natural lighting renovations have been shown to result in happier workers, less absenteeism, and fewer illnesses, and, because better lighting encourages satisfaction among workers, it also results in increased productivity. 

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It was illustrated in a study published in “The Responsible Workplace” that windows were the number one determinant of the occupants’ level of satisfaction with a building. 

Many other researchers have concluded that there is a strong relationship between employees’ daylight exposure and their sleep patterns this in turn results in less work productivity and satisfaction, even depression. The need to increase the levels of natural light in working environments is crucial, especially when more and more people are working in offices. 

Modern office designs are often large, open-plan spaces, the difficulty with these office spaces is ensuring that light from the external windows can penetrate into the center of the workspace. Glass partitions and doors are often the perfect solutions to these large office spaces as they allow natural light to penetrate through the wall or door further into the working spaces. However, these frameless glass partitions do not offer any element of privacy, which may be required in the workspace, especially for meeting rooms.  

Modern switchable office privacy glass is often used as the perfect solution for these offices. It provides efficient utilization of space for office interiors, changing the visual appearance of a glass unit at the flick of a switch. A specialist LCD interlayer within the glass construction changes the glass from translucent to transparent allowing optional and versatile privacy, an ideal solution for office interiors where lighting is fundamental. 


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Office Privacy glass provides effective use of space for office interiors, creating small subdivision offices and conference rooms delivering instant isolation to carry out meetings and presentations, without distractions from colleagues reducing the “goldfish bowl” effect. 

IQ offer a whole catalogue of dynamic glass solutions to increase the privacy of your office space. Dynamic glazing is defined as “any fenestration product that has the fully reversible ability to change its performance properties, including U-factor, solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC), or visible transmittance (VT).” ~ 2015 IECC 

Applying dynamic glazing solutions to systems can create versatile environments for public and private office spaces. Dynamic glass solutions like Heated Glass, Electrochromic Glass and Photovoltaic can allow you to change the internal environment or the appearance of the glazing at the simple push of a button 

IQ Glass works with Saint Gobain who are the UK’s leaders in Office Privacy Glass technology in order to provide offices with a durable, hi-tech glass solution to an office area. 

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