RIBA 2023 Winners

RIBA 2023 winners 

 IQ Projects were fortunate enough to collaborate on some of the most reputable London architectural projects in 2023. Enabling us to provide our market leading glazing solutions to greatly enhance these already high-quality projects. As a result, this has led to 3 projects which we have worked on to win awards at the prestigious RIBA London awards. 

 BAFTA won the RIBA West London Regional Award-

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IQ collaborated with Benedetti Architects to deliver a comprehensive refurbishment and extension, of the renowned Grade II listed building the BAFTA headquarters in London Piccadilly. This project saw the creation of a new flexible event spaces and a new fourth floor which is home to Richard Attenborough rooms. The most recognizable feature of the Richard Attenborough rooms is the wall lined with slim framed sliding doors, creating cascading light to bleed through the gold partially opaque curtains. Slim framed sliding doors were chosen due to their 21mm slim sightlines which allow beautifully uninterrupted views of the surrounding view of the West End and Piccadilly Circus, Central London this is something that was picked up and praised by the RIBA jury and led to the Richard Attenborough rooms winning the RIBA west London award. 


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Chart Street Studios won the RIBA London Regional Awards 2023- The second project of which IQ were a part of that has won the RIBA London Award 2023 is Chart Street Studios, where IQ collaborated with Ian Chalk Architects. This was retrofit of an existing 1930’s furniture warehouse in Hoxton, which championed the use us sustainable structural timber to form the new elements of the building, combined with new bespoke double glazed steel windows This building is greatly enhanced by the vast abundance of natural light and ventilation. Elevating this property to its current level that enabled it to win both the AJ Retrofit of the year and workplace up to £5m awards.

 Lea Bridge Library won the RIBA London Regional Award 2023- 

 The third and final project which IQ were a part of to win award was the Lea Bridge Library. IQ collaborated with Studio Weave to design, manufacture and install the architectural glazing

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 solutions to the Grade II Listed commercial building the Lea Bridge library in East London. The library extension added a café and adaptable community space to the listed building, designed to deliver a revived civic heart for the borough of Waltham Forest. 

A large timber frame glass wall occupies the entire outward facing elevation of the library extension, using a combination of structural glass with minimal windows 4+ sliding glass doors. By engineering a glass façade with both sliding and opening elements, the team at IQ were able to create a timber frame glass wall that ran the entire length of the library with floor to ceiling glass. This feature is one that was praised largely by the RIBA jury praising the space for its ability to create a spacious well-lit environment That fits the purpose of the building. All contributing to the Lea Bridge Library winning the RIBA London Regional Award  

Due to these projects winning these subsequent awards they are now considered for the even more prestigious RIBA National Awards and Stephen Lawrence Award. It is then from these winners that the increasingly prestigious Stirling Prize is selected. We are already extremely proud of the work we provided for these projects, and we will be crossing our fingers hoping on higher recognition for our work. If your project would benefit from award winning glazing solutions get in contact with IQ Projects. 


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