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IQ Projects on site at new Wedding venue for Chester Zoo chester zoos upcoming luxury wedding and events venue the square will have its own front garden for guests to enjoy

IQ Projects are currently on site at popular tourist destination Chester Zoo, overseeing the renovation of a new wedding venue named The Square, the new wedding venue is still under construction and is set to open spring 2023. This is a project that we are extremely excited about collaborating on not only because of the notoriety of Chester Zoo, but also an opportunity to add our bespoke glazing solutions to greatly enhance a space and make peoples special day that bit better. 

chester zoos upcoming events venue the square is an extension of a grade ii listed stable block that has stood at the heart of the 128 acre zoo since 1931Extension of Grade II listed Building  

As a market leading provider of bespoke glazing solutions, we were thrilled to be chosen for this prestigious project. At this moment we are currently overseeing the renovation of the extension of the grade II listed stable block that has stood at the heart of the 128-acre zoo since it opened in 1931. The Square is set to open in spring 2023 and is planned to have a capacity of 200, with reception and breakout rooms bringing the total capacity to 380. The most exciting feature of this development is that any income generated by each and every occasion that takes place at The Square will contribute to Chester Zoo’s charitable mission to secure a better future for wildlife on our planet. For this project, we designed, manufactured, and installed a number of bespoke glazing solutions to best suit the space. One of the solutions we installed is a Keller minimal window sliding doors. These are the premier choice for slim-framed sliding glass doors, renowned for their exceptional frameless aesthetic, flush threshold, and capabilities of large expanses of sliding glass. The main feature of these sliding doors is the ability to be completely frameless on all its outer edges, accentuating the impressive 21mm vertical sightline. The adoption of this bespoke glazing solution brought numerous benefits, the first being increased level of access thanks to Keller’s intuitive and effective design. In addition, the minimalist design drastically increases the amount of natural light that cascades into the space, providing increased visibility and numerous intangible benefits to The Square. This project at Chester Zoo is a showcase of IQ’s ability to work on some of the most prestigious tourist projects in the UK. Our team is committed to delivering space-enhancing glazing solutions and creating unique, memorable experiences for our clients. If your project would benefit from the inclusion of our market-leading bespoke glazing solutions, please get in contact with us. 

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