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Maggie’s Centre in Wirral continued the organisation’s drive to use architecture for wellbeing at their latest facility at Clatterbridge. The Maggie’s Centre in Wirral is well known for its cancer treatment facilities and the latest building in the Wirral was designed and created in conjunction with the team at IQ. 

The award-winning interim centre on the ground of Maggie’s Centre in Wirral was opened in 2014. The permanent building was designed in line with an ‘architecture for wellbeing’ ethos as well as sustainability; focusing on achieving a low energy use whilst integrating technology to assist with the carbon plan for the future. All glazing, internal and external windows were provided by the team at IQ. Set within a sustainable, highly insulated brick skin, large elevations architectural glazing were integrated with solar control coatings used throughout for efficiency of both thermal insulation as well as solar control. 

The entire facility focuses on the occupant’s experience of the space, ensuring that natural light reaches all areas of the interior spaces as well as allowing patients the chance to connect with nature. All of these elements are key parts of architecture for wellbeing which is a continuous theme amongst the Maggie Centre architectural designs. 

By combining a unique amalgamation of casement windows and doors, structural glazing and slim frame sliding doors the team at IQ were able to provide a full architectural glazing package to this cancer centre in the north of the UK. The glass itself was also intricately designed with marine grade finishes, solar control coatings, easy clean glass coatings and sand-blasted / fritted patterns on specific areas of glazing. All framing and fixings were designed with a bronze powder-coated colour to fit within the architectural intent of this cancer centre. 

The building of this cancer centre in Wirral was a joint collaboration between the Maggie centre’s charity and the Steve Morgan foundation. IQ worked with HB Architects to successfully deliver a large architectural glazing package to this highly renowned cancer centre. The project was run and managed by the northern division of IQ and the team were extremely proud to have worked on such a important architectural design.  

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