Bellavista Eye Clinic


Bellavista Eye Clinic


his private eye clinic in Switzerland follows a unique, highly glazed design whilst being functional for its intended use. From the outside, the building features large elevations of slim framed and frameless glazing systems, complete with frameless glass balustrades surrounding the top level balcony area.

For a building that houses eye specialists, it was important for solar glare to be controlled within the consultant’s rooms. With many patients visiting the clinic for eye sensitivity issues, it made perfect sense for the glazing to incorporate electrochromic glass.

The electrochromic glass is used on all external glazing, with varying levels of tint, to protect the occupant’s eyes and prevent the highly glazed building from overheating. In this case, electrochromic glass has been specified with a gradient effect, leaving the areas of the sim framed glazing that don’t get as much sun clear.

The technical glass specification means that the solar shading is completely automated, eliminating the need for human interaction. In medical settings such as this one, automated systems are preferred for enhanced productivity. With no blinds or curtains required, the fully glazed design can be enjoyed without any of the negative effects of highly glazed spaces.

The interior design is minimal, in keeping with the medical function, as well as clear and crisp. By utilising glass technologies such as electrochromic glass, the interior design remains uncluttered and clear of any additional shading solutions. The views from inside the building are uninterrupted from every angle, thanks to the oversized glazing design.

From the outside, the glass building has an almost reflective appearance, stretching across 3 floors in some parts whilst seamlessly blending with the surrounding nature through the expansive use of glass. When the electric current is switched on, the blue tint enhances the aesthetic further as the tall build blends in with the blue sky above.

For medical environments, minimal glass solutions are perfect for keeping space clear and presenting a uniform façade design.

PRODUCTS: Technical Glazing, Glass Facades
TYPE: Commercial
LOCATION: Switzerland

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