Bowie State University


Bowie State University


he auditorium building of this American university utilises a huge amount of glazing, with a circular glass atrium design as well as a fully glazed rectangular building. For an educational setting, it was imperative for the designs to be functional, encouraging productivity, as well as striking.

The architecturally designed building utilises electrochromic glass as a solar shading solution. Eliminating the need for curtains or blinds, electrochromic glass is controlled by electrical power. Inside the glass atrium of this university building, the glass is split into 3 levels. The top 2 levels can be electronically controlled on their own, granting the ability to block out the sun without obstructing the natural light that encourages productivity and wellness.

The coating used within electrochromic glass changes the appearance of the glass both internally and externally, creating a blue tint that blocks solar gain. When the electrical power is switched on, the glass will adapt to solar exposure and slowly begin to change from clear to blue. The change isn’t fast or dramatic, making it suitable for use in the university space as it would not be a distraction.

Being able to tint the glass within the atrium design massively enhances the functionality of the space, making it easier for students to focus no matter what the weather conditions are. The lower level of glass does not require solar shading, as it is shaded by the surrounding trees and buildings.

Utilising electrochromic glass in educational settings allows architects to design highly glazed, minimal designs that make an impact and push architectural boundaries. With the latest advances in glazing technologies, these designs are able to withstand high levels of solar glare without disrupting the occupants inside.

PRODUCTS: Technical Glazing, Glass Facades
TYPE: Education

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