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Situated next to Covent Garden as well as within the savoy conservation area, 80 Strand occupies a prominent position near the river Thames. The design was enhanced from early concept ideas by the client Strandbrook, who specified the implementation of a bronze finish to the project. These ideas were then brought to life by architects PDP London and structural engineer Simon Bennet, whose inclusion of key design features such as bronze fire rated doors ensured the satisfaction of the client’s needs.  

This redevelopment saw the creation of a new welcoming entrance pavilion. The new fully glazed entrance facilities increased the floor area for reception as well as improving the arrival experience because of the enhanced access and improved facilities. As well as large aesthetic enhancements, a cornerstone of these being the bronze fire rated doors which enhanced features of the existing composition, whilst simultaneously adding unique design features. 

Frameless bronze fire rated doors supplemented the existing double height reception space, with the addition of landscaping and seating for both the workers and the public to create a community hub.  

As a result of the construction of the glazed entrance pavilion, the building has been re-oriented towards the Strand which in turn makes the building more reflective of the Covent Garden environment. The new overlook of Covent and embankment gardens (as opposed to the more corporate areas of the Strand) offers a new life for the building as a modern office development. 

This architectural glazing project was one of great complexity, with several key glazing design elements requiring elevated levels of specificity in its composition. An example of one of these components was designing the typical black band around the fire rated glass doors to a bespoke bronze design.  

There is not a tested bronze fire rated door. We worked with the architects and the factory to alter the fire rated glass door design to match the architect’s requirement for a bronze fire rated door design. As a result, we were able to achieve the design of the bronze fire rated doors the architect wanted with the performance the glass needed.  

The implementation of global alignment further advanced the complexity of this projects design with the angles of the glass requiring alignment with the decorative tiles as well as the roof architecture 

Each angle where the fire rated glass doors met the angled returning glass was bespoke. The testing for the fire rated glass doors did not cover an angle of this nature so we worked with a fire testing facility and the glass supplier to design a connection. The ultimate design incorporated a bespoke steel column with promat board and bespoke bronze pressing to cover.  

This project also saw for the development office space on four floors as well as improvements to communal areas, basement amenities and tenant washrooms 

These developments are befitting the overarching goal of securing the future of this heritage asset, whilst simultaneously bringing both large civilian and staff benefits. 

Overall, these design elements implemented in this operation further reinforces IQ project’s reputation as market leaders in commercial and non-commercial glazing. As well as showcasing another opportunity for us to work on some of the UK’s most prestigious and exciting architectural opportunities.

PRODUCTS: Slim Framed Sliding Door, Fire rated glass, Steel framed window
TYPE: Commercial Development


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