Kiln Formed Bronze Glass Doors For Luxury Casino 

Aspers Casino

Kiln Formed Bronze Glass Doors For Luxury Casino 

Aspers Casino

Aspers Casino is a bar and gambling venue which has a large focus on luxury and experience. The building features an open bar which is followed by private betting rooms for high stakes betting.

The casino has a bronze theme throughout and unlike many casinos features various glazing systems to illuminate and reflect from the bronze interior. The client specified bespoke sliding bronze glass doors which have design features only possible during the manufacturing of the glazing. To ensure the customers are secure in the high stakes room the doors have little transparency levels that upon closer inspection appear to be zero.

The bronze glass doors were produced using a manufacturing process called kiln forming. Kiln forming is a technique usually practiced on a much smaller scale to manipulate glazing into intricate shapes during the cooling process. In this case, the technique “slumping” is what creates the bubble effect seen on the glass doors. Slumping is the process of creating a mold (in this case made of plaster) that has the desired shapes and quirks that the glass will take on. The glass is then melted over the top of the mold to take the shape of the desired effect.

The bronze tones seen for these systems are completely bespoke and could not be fully 100% replicated again due to the process used. During the molten phase of production small elements are added to the glass to create that bronze/oil slick effect. This also decreases transparency naturally. To accompany the bronze tint, bronze framing was designed to ensure that the theme was matched to the bronze glass doors. This is a simple bronze coated aluminum.

Aspers Casino is one of IQ’s most historical and unique projects, the fully bespoke design sets the relatively simple bronze glass doors systems apart from your average sliding door found elsewhere.

At IQ Projects we specialize in commercial projects. If you need glazing for a commercial building, or require glazing for any type of project, contact the team today.

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