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Buhler Offices


ome to the Buhler brand, the brains behind optical sorters, is this magnificent office design in Switzerland. The expansive building incorporates large elevations of frameless structural glazing to maximise the amount of natural light and enhance productivity.

Where large elevations of glass are used in office environments, it is important to consider solar glare. As well as obstructing screen views, the sunlight can cause the spaces to overheat, causing a drop in productivity as well as increased cooling costs. In extreme climates such as Switzerland where there is snow for long periods of time, the light can be blinding when it reflects off the white surfaces.

One way to control solar glare is to specify electrochromic glass in the design. oversized glazing can benefit hugely from electrochromic glass, as this project is here to prove. Once the sun hits the oversized glazing and the electrical current is switched on, the glass changes to a blue-tinted colour.

The coating on the glass changes the appearance of the glass, creating a dark contrast against the pale exterior colour scheme. As the colour of the glass slowly changes, the light transmission and G factor change to provide a full light and solar shading solution for the office workers.

The angular building maintains a minimal aesthetic across both the exterior and interior design. Incorporating electrochromic glass allowed the interior design to be clean and minimal, eliminating the need for additional solar shading solutions like curtains or blinds.

Without external shutters, the large white building can really make an impact amongst the surrounding buildings. Particularly when the blue tint is present, the contrast between the pale surroundings and the dark blue glass immediately draws the eye.

PRODUCTS: Technical Glazing, Glass Facades
TYPE: Commercial
LOCATION: Switzerland

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