Carpenters Place


Carpenters Place


This residential development in London is home to 7 luxury apartments, with views across the city from private balconies on each of the four floors. IQ designed and installed frameless glass balustrades to encompass the balconies and add to the innovative design.

Structural glazing was used to form frameless balustrades, offering the occupants a safety barrier without detracting from the surrounding design. A sandblasted glass finish was specified as a decorative finish, enhancing the bespoke glass design without obstructing the light transmission completely.

The balustrade systems were installed in four phases, with IQ’s team of fitters tackling the build floor by floor. The balustrades were topped with a sleek silver cap, enhancing the luxury aesthetic in keeping with the modern patio designs. At the bottom, stainless steel casing encompasses a section of balustrade to hide any fixing details whilst maintaining the minimal design.

Modern aluminium windows can be seen throughout the apartments, with the façade design following the same highly glazed design with slim aluminium frames. The modern industrial development features glossy red tiles in place of bricks, contrasting the sandblasted glass finish for a unique design.

From the street view, the residential development contrasts with the surrounding architecture. Clapham has become more unique in recent years, with specialised building designs like this one adding to the London architectural landscape.

PRODUCTS: Glass Balustrades
TYPE: Commercial

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