Charlotte Street


Charlotte Street


These offices, based in the heart of London, used steel-framed internal glazing to create a modern industrial interior design. The industrial steel frames not only add to the aesthetic but also allow a huge amount of natural light to flow through the commercial space thanks to the slim metal frames.

Frameless fixed glass screens were used to create a safety barrier on the mezzanine floor level without obstructing light transmission or views. The floor-to-ceiling fixed screens were single glazed as they were not required to be thermally insulated, with only neat silicone joins visible between panes. The oversized glazing creates a luxury aesthetic, enhancing the surrounding building design hugely.

A steel structure has been sued to create a glass meeting room, with bespoke glazing bar designs to enhance the aesthetic whilst accommodating the specialist glass. Both reeded glass and normal glass are specified within the fixed and opening elements, made possible by the use of true glazing bars. Reeded glass has been used as a decorative feature within the steel frames and this type of glazing creates a distorted vision to offer an element of privacy too.

Within the steel frames, slim framed pivot doors were specified with the same glazing bar and decorative glass designs. The continuous design across all elements allows the finish to be completely coherent, with little to no visible differences between the fixed and moving glazing. IQ designed and installed bespoke pressings which were notched around the steel, to ensure every detail was finished to a consistent standard.

The industrial style can be seen in other interior elements, such as metal balustrades, industrial black light fixtures, and exposed steel beams that have been coated in the same black colour. Elsewhere in the building finishes, warm wood tones have been used to contrast the black metal glazing. Wood has been used on the flooring and to create a feature wall in the communal area, again contrasting the industrial theme.

The modern offices benefitted hugely from our Mondrian internal glazing systems, achieving a truly unique finish that is both innovative and functional. Steel systems are perfect for implementing a broken plan layout, with flexible solutions to suit a wide variety of applications.

PRODUCTS: Glass Door Systems, Internal Glazing
TYPE: Commercial

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