Office redevelopment

Chart Street Studios

Office Redevelopment

Chart Street Studios

IQ was fortunate enough to collaborate on this extremely prestigious architectural glazing project located in Hoxton in London. The collaboration between IQ Projects and Ian Chalk Architects comprises of market leading bespoke glazing solutions to the extensive office redevelopment at Chart Street Studios.  

The project saw this London office redevelopment of a former furniture warehouse in Hackney which was originally built in the 1930s.  The space has been transformed using innovative materials such as cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels and glued laminated (glulam) beams. The project involved extending the existing four-storey building and adding a new structure over the yard, as well as creating a new office space on the top floor of the main building. 

The primary aim of the new floor level was to provide a workshop and studio space that encourages collaboration among its occupants. To achieve this, the floor was designed as a flexible, column-free area with four rows of 10-meter-long, north-facing windows provided by IQ. This strategic placement of windows allows for maximum indirect light, creating a well-lit and inspiring environment which was integral to this London glazing project. 

The installation of a multitude of different glazing solutions supplied by IQ includes minimal windows, fixed Schuco windows, a Secco external door and side hung window, as well as 2 steel EI60 framed fire rated doors. Overall, these glazing solutions contribute immensely, not only to the aesthetic enhancement of Chart Street studios, but also increased functionality of the space. 

As a result of both the high quality architectural work by Ian Chalk and the glazing solutions provided by IQ, this project has received industry recognition  recently winning a 2023 RIBA London award as well as the 2022 AJ retrofit award . 

Overall, this London office redevelopment of Chart Street Studios is an accurate depiction of the high-quality work that IQ is continuously producing on some of the most prestigious architectural projects across the country. If your project requires award winning bespoke glazing solutions to take your build to an even higher level don’t hesitate to get in contact with IQ today. 

PRODUCTS: framed fire rated doors.

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