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n the heart of London, this three storey office building underwent a major refurbishment to create a brightly lit, luxurious working environment with various commercial office glazing elements.

From the outset, the traditional brick is now contrasted by black aluminium frames. The modern entrance design presents a glass canopy design, complete with metal frames to match the window and door systems across the façade.

A mix of casement windows and large picture windows are used across all three floors, with integrated glazing bars for a traditional finish. Inside the building, a modern industrial interior is followed, complete with steel look glazed elements.

As productivity is key in professional environments, it was essential for the internal spaces to be flooded with natural light. The building has been adapted to include a glass box extension on the ground floor, expanding the useable office space. The traditional brick has been retained to form two of the internal walls within the glass box extension, paying homage to the building’s original charm.

There are multiple sets of slim framed sliding doors, granting access to various surrounding outdoor areas. The sliding door systems have slim sightlines to allow an abundance of natural light to flow through and are evenly positioned within the walls of the glass box to achieve a unique finish.

Structural glazing forms entire walls of glass, reaching impressive sizes of up to 7 metres tall in places, supported by glass fins. The glass walls are installed with subtle, neat structural silicone joints for a minimal appearance and to achieve high performance values.

Both glass fins and beams have been used to support the structure of this project, both specified in low iron glass to ensure the installations are extra clear, eliminating the risk of the naturally green tint that can occur in exposed glass edges.

As well as glass walls and minimally framed sliding door systems, roof glazing has been incorporated for the ultimate elegance. Extra large panes have been used to construct frameless rooflights, enabling the natural light to travel further within the building and achieving an oversized glazing look.

To ensure the offices were a comfortable temperature all year round, solar control coatings were applied to any south facing glazing as well as all roof glazing elements. Specifying solar control glass helps to ensure the highly glazed offices are functional as well as achieving an elegant appearance.

PRODUCTS: Door Systems, Roof Glazing, Structural Glass
TYPE: Commercial
ARCHITECT: Wimshurst Pelleriti

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