Coptic Street


Coptic Street


Glass was commissioned to design and install two decorative floor lights for Coptic Street in London.

The first decorative floor light has been used at the rear of the building. This floor light, in particular, has been installed to transfer the light from the street down into the building below. Structural glass has been used to allow this floor light to be installed in this particular way. IQ used decorative glass for this floor light by incorporating a kiln formed ripple pattern. This adds aesthetic as well as distorting the image of either the passer-by’s above or the people below depending on which way you are looking through the glass.

The second decorative floor light has been installed into the pavement of Coptic Street. Using structural glass means that this floor light is safe for passers-by to walk on as well as adding a unique look to the London road. By sandblasting this structural glass floor panel, IQ has created a slip resistant finish to the glass floorlight. A decorative pattern has been designed within the sandblasted surface floor light and with an Egyptian pattern incorporated into the design.

IQ have used low iron glass for both of these floor lights in order to create durable structural glass installations with the clarity required.

PRODUCTS: Glass Floors, Technical Glass Solutions
TYPE: Commercial
LOCATION: Coptic Street, London

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