Cromwell Place


Cromwell Place


Projects designed and installed all specialist glazing to this project in London. The office building, Alfred House was renovated and redesigned with a new glass frontage using bespoke architectural glass doors.

The bespoke architectural glass doors were designed in the style of Mondrian® creating a very contemporary façade perfectly suited for the upmarket location. The slim aluminium frames of the bespoke architectural glass make the most out of the small opening and maximising the daylight entering the offices. The detailing on the bespoke doors suits the traditional Victorian property and breaks up the large glass frontage aesthetically.

In order to provide some protection from harsh weather conditions, a structural glass canopy was installed to cover the architectural glass doors on the entrance lobby to the estate agents. This glass canopy was designed by IQ cantilevered from the exterior wall with supporting metal arms. This structural glass canopy included a stainless steel lettering, the frontage to Cromwell Place was completed to a high-quality contemporary design finish.

The decorative glass over light used on the new modern frontage to the renovated office use squares of coloured film to the glass to create a fun and inviting entrance. The coloured film was placed on top of the glass allowing the light to pass through, not restricting the amount of daylight entering the offices.

PRODUCTS: Glass Atria and Entrances, Door Systems
TYPE: Retail
LOCATION: South Kensington, London

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