Croydon College


Croydon College


Projects designed and installed a curved structural glass wall in the space between the library and the multi-levelled atrium at Croydon College as well as frameless glass balustrades with stainless steel handrails to access stairs between floors.

The exterior of this college is made from a structural glass façade with top hung windows incorporated to provide ventilation. The glass façades maximise the natural light into the building which is then passed through the internal curved structural glass.

All structural glass on the inside of the building has been sandblasted in different areas to create glass manifestations. The glass at the entrance has been sandblasted at different heights so that students, staff and visitors are aware that it is glass due to the transparency.

The curved glass in the centre of the building on each level has been sandblasted at the bottom so that the people walking around know that there is glass and don’t walk into it and injure themselves. The glass balustrades on the higher floors also have sandblasted circles to increase the safety of the students, staff and visitors.

The curved glass used inside of the building follows the natural shape of the exterior of the college as well as separating the lift and stairs from the rest of the building. Having these stairs and lifts in the centre of the building allows easy access to all floors.

The use of structural glass throughout the whole building allows natural light to pass through at all times and makes it easier for the students, staff and visitors to see where they are going or where they need to be.

PRODUCTS: Glass Facades, Technical Glass Solutions, Glass Atria and Entrances
TYPE: Education

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